I came back home a little early that day, she was supposed to be home, she was always home by this time, I had gotten her a diamond ring, and a bottle of the most expensive Champaign I could find. I was goanna ask her to marry me that night, I drove home feeling supper-fly, this was a very good day for me, I was about to step into the league of extra-ordinary married men, I couldn’t wait, I was anxious because it seemed like a very bold step I was goanna take, and my friends have always told me to REASON before doing things, but I knew she was goanna say yes, we were in love and we had been living together for a while.

We abstained from sex because she believed in sex after marriage, I believed too. For her I could have believed in anything. I hadn’t met her family thou, and she didn’t have pictures, that was funny but I dint mind since I was supposed to meet them this week, but that didn’t matter, I spoke to them every other day on phone. I got home and decided to park outside coz I was too anxious to wait for the gate-man, I ran in as fast as I could, I tried opening the door, it was locked, that was strange, we always leave the door open. I had my key so I used it to get in, when I got in there was no one in the sitting room, and the house seemed a little too quiet, I dropped my car-keys on the table and went to check our room but there was no-one there, I felt she had gone out and I had a feeling I was forgetting something crucial about today, I decided to check the guest room, probably that was what I was forgetting. I moved close to my room and I heard MOANING! I was confused; what was that? I thought, I moved closer I heard GROANING, I slowed down a little, thinking the worst, I was still with the bottle of champagne and I slowly opened the door and peeked in, only the grace of the creator prevented me from passing out coz of what I was seeing, I was enraged, I saw my girlfriend with another man, they were having sex, no this wasn’t sex, this was more like porn, he was practically ramming her, and groaning like a beast! This was the kind of sex you only see in over-zealous porn movies! And this was the girl I wanted to get married to? The girl who believed in sex after marriage? I was enraged, I felt betrayed, my heart was shattered, more or less marred, I needed to leave there, I turned back to leave when something stopped me, I had to know what was happening and so I decided to confront them so there will be no denial later, so I stepped in and said in a shaky voice what exactly is going on here?

They jumped in shock and started laughing when they saw me….. My girlfriend said; you could have knocked @least and the guy said nice to finally meet you Andrew! I am Josh! I was mad, what nonsense, I thought to myself, nice to meet me? This guy had guts; he was screwing my wife-to-be in my house and still yarning crap? I managed to mutter to myself, my hands were shaking in anger, the ring dropped from my hands and I was even more pissed coz they weren’t even fazed by what they had done, my woman still had the guts to tell me to give them a few minutes, that they will come meet me outside, HIAN the one they just finished doing wasn’t enough ni? What boldness, and utter betrayal I thought to myself; I was mad, No I wasn’t mad, I was about to erupt, I was about to go berserk…..

If only they had seen the expression on my face, then the incident that followed may not have occurred because any sane person seeing my expression @ that moment would have taken off. My heart was beating with fury and my body was bubbling with adrenaline, I always had a problem with my anger. And this guy was getting me pissed, he was sitting so comfortably on the bed naked; ewwww I muttered; I launched @ them with a scream that sounded more like a war-cry, holding the champagne bottle in hand like thor would have done with his hammer and smashed the guy on the head before he could even make a sound; he went down unconscious, with a look of shock in his face. He must have had a strong skull because the champagne had a freaking solid bottle, the liquid from the bottle splashed everywhere, my girlfriend started screaming; what do you think you’re doing? I was amazed actually, why was she defending him? She was just caught cheating, with another man, and she was defending him? that even angered me more; I gave her a back-hand slap that sent her sprawling to the end of the room, she was still trynna get herself when I launched @her and gave her another slap, she hit her head on the wall and went unconscious ! I looked at her and said to myself; you will never break another man’s heart again, I felt like slashing and dis-figuring her face with the already broken champagne bottle, but because I had a soft, kind and caring heart, I thought better of it and gave her three long tribal marks with the broken bottle instead, I looked back and saw the ring on the floor, and I got an idea, I picked the ring and slammed it down her throat!…when I was done, I stood up, broken hearted and without any remorse and a lot of satisfaction with what I had just done, went into the bath-room, washed off the blood on my hands; went to the sitting room, picked my car-keys and was about leaving the house when the door suddenly opened up…. WT Flip…..I managed to blurt- out when I saw who it was, I was taken aback and I jumped backwards instantly breaking a little sweat, no I began sweating profusely… Standing there perfectly fine was the same woman I had just disfigured and brutalized without as much as a scratch! She was smiling with love and affection at me and for me! I was almost dying with fear, I started thinking of so many things, was she immortal? I saw those things in movies, did they really exist? Was she already a ghost? Was she a witch or a vampire? She obstructed my thoughts with what she said; Hi Andrew, you a little early today what happened?? I could not utter a word, my mind was racing and calculating furiously, what was going on here? I asked myself; I went with her being a vampire and remembered I was a Christian and held the rosary on my neck! And pointed it @ her saying; the blood of Jesus….. Rosaries kill vampires I thought; she seemed amused and said; you and your jokes Andrew! I almost ran out the backdoor but then she said o well, good you are early- hope you met my TWIN SISTER AND HER HUSBAND? Remember they were supposed to come visit today? SHeez I blurted out and managed to murmur to myself; HIAN, WT Flip HAVE I DONE? I just knew I was forgetting something crucial about today.

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17 thoughts on “THE-PROPOSAL

  1. WTF!!!!…if i was part of d family,u,l be forced to get married to d lady you just gave 3 dangerous tribal mark to,by force,jazz and power*lol*…..Nice writeup

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