I was thinking about something spectacular happened in my street A FEW days back, as I dressed up for work this particular morning…
SOME people in Nigeria need serious help I thought, i was thinking about the event that happened around 8pm that particular night, some robbers raided the area and caused a little commotion, people already ran home and the street was a little deserted, except for some people who were too lazy to run and were desperately looking for a bike to pick them up…..
Now at exactly 8-05pm Moses was going home on his bike, he made his living transporting people on his motorcycle and was on his way home having closed for the day when unfortunately for him, he went through the area that was just robbed, he was on his way home when someone was waving at him to stop, he became suspicious when he looked around and saw that some people were LURKING behind in the shadows #note that Moses had his first bike stolen by robbers! So having looked around Moses refused to stop, he was about zooming off when some-one shouted THIEF! THIEF! And after concluding that running or zooming off on his bike wasn’t the best option for him, since running would probably make them kill him he decided to stop and explain that he wasn’t a thief, before he could utter a word, a very angry and impatient person in the street sliced off part of his head with a machete and from there the beating continued, some people had already come up with petrol and some tires and were ready to do jungle justice, he was already battered and almost killed before people in the area who knew him ran to save him, but the damage was done I guess, coz he didn’t survive, before he could get to the HOSPITAL…….. MOSES WAS DEAD…. another life lost due to angry and impatient Nigerians, something has to be done about this issue really, some-one had to rise up and do something about it, but till then may the good Lord protect us all…
I was thinking about this particular event today because my car was faulty, Moses was the bike-man I normally called when I was in a hurry and I needed to go out without my car, or when my car was faulty, so I guess you could understand my reason for thinking about him this particular morning, having thought about him for a while when I started thinking about more pressing issues at hand, How to FEND for my family……. You see I had been married to my wife for about 3 years now, her name was SASHA and we were in love, we did everything together, she was the woman that made me complete, she practically knew everything about me and I knew everything about her, I swear I loved her so, i would have gladly given up my life for her if it was necessary……
You see she had been out of work for awhile, INFACT she had been out of work since we met and I had been fending for the family ever since,i even sent money for upkeep to her parents and mine every other month, we had no children because she was barren and I still stayed and remained faithful to her, I wasn’t gonna cheat or let go of her for a flimsy thing called bareness that wasn’t actually her fault,i believed in being loyal- i believed in being forever loyal to my loved ones.

my wife was a software creator that hadn’t actually created any soft-ware since I met her! She had been at home on her system in-putting codes right from when I could remember, and I still stayed with her, I did practically everything in the house and I spent all my salary trynna make her as comfortable as possible, I believed in her dream of becoming a software owner, I supported her and I was there when she needed me.

But after the recession, I told her she needed to get a job, because the burden was becoming unbearable for me, she told me to give her a month that she had already gotten a break-through, she was done, she named the software MAXIMUS……..I was happy for her, I WAS HAPPY FOR US, she told me she needed some more money to market her software and look for a buyer, still I supported her and did everything in my power to get her through…. I was in love…. With everything I had I was in love…. I believed in looking out for those we loved and seeing them through their dreams and desires.

Anyway some weeks later I was in my office when I received my daily paper, there boldly written on the headlines was this; POPULAR COMPUTER COMPANY RECOMMEND MAXIMUS FOR ALL NEW COMPUTERS, and that they wanted to buy off the software from her for a Billion naira!!!!! I was shocked, No actually I was elated!! This was news, even though my wife hadn’t called yet I was extremely happy for us, I quickly called her but her number wasn’t going through, I quickly picked-up my suit and ran home…when I got home the house was empty… I looked around for my wife and found a note on the table… I picked it up.. And what I saw almost killed me……I HAVE APPLIED FOR A DIVORCE!!! AND I HAVE LEFT YOU!! I was confused, where exactly did this come from???? I read the letter thoroughly, she was thanking me for everything I did for her but that she never loved me, and she just needed my money! She said she had being taking pills so as to prevent her from getting PREGNANT!!! She said her heart belonged to her ex, the one before me and that she was gonna go back to him!!!
My wife could not have written this letter, I thought to myself amidst tears, I loved her and she loved me, I tried calling her, but it wasn’t going through! I called her friends, they all feigned ignorance, I could not believe what she had done, after everything I did for her, anyway after making a few calls here and there, I traced her to a duplex. INFRONT of the duplex, I saw her kissing a man who I presumed was the ex, I wanted to approach her but they zoomed off in a car, I traced the car to a hall, where they were having a conference or gathering… I needed her to look me in the eyes and say she dint love me and that the 6years meant nothing….. I came down and tapped her, she looked back at me and when she realized it was me her look changed to that of disgust and she said; Dint you get my LETTER? I was shocked, then she said as you can see I am a little busy now, I looked at her as tears dropped from my face, she was about going in when I held her hands and said- SASHA Wait… but I love you! Listen to me please, she shouted at me to leave her alone but I refused to let go of her, she was my life!
Just then she screamed a word that had taken down greater men than myself, she shouted; THIEF! THIEF!!! I was shocked and even looked around for where the thief was coming from, but before I could say a word, or realize i was the theif, something hit me in the head…. I could feel blood oozing from my head as I drifted into unconsciousness, her face was d last thing i saw as i drifted away, i felt BETRAYED…

I woke up sometime later, I was in a hospital I guess…..i could feel pain all over my body, I dunno how I survived, I looked around and discovered I couldn’t lift my arms, I tried lifting the other one and a tear dropped in realization with what I saw, I cursed MY LOVE Under my breath as I looked at my skin that had been burnt beyond recognition! I lifted my arms and touched my face, i could feel bumps and pain, now the tears were flowing down freely as i asked no-one in particular- Why did i survive? I felt i would have been better off dead, I cried some more as I thought to myself; SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS……..

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