STAR-FIRE- Episode 1

Well since i have some extremely lazy peps except @tp_owo who isnt- anyway i am dividing this story into episodes- just read and COMMENT-COMMENT-COMMENT, so i will know what’s up-

So my name is Rauf-Merca, I left my home town because I wanted a change of scenery and lifestyle, and I was trying to get over some issues. I moved to a small town and there for the first time in my life, I had fallen in love. Her name was Natasha,

Natasha was everything I hated in a woman, she wasn’t too tall and I hated everything about short women, women who had to raise their heads to look me in the eye, no doubt she did have a beautiful figure that every man would go crazy for, she had long black hair getting to her shoulders, her lips were full and looked so soft, her eyes were so innocent and naive, her mother was Indian and I presume she got her looks from her and if it were in the old days she would have been called a witch because her beauty was divine.

But I never met her personally, I only knew her from a distance and I was very quick to analyze and judge her; she was a trouble maker, the kind of girl who ran her mouth any opportunity she had, she took no crap from anybody and was even willing to fight things out the old way if it was needed, she was stubborn, annoying, but amazingly pretty, I guess that was her saving grace. She had messed up a lot of guys who came trynna woo her and apparently that made her single. A few days after my arrival I heard stories from guys who tried wooing her, I was told she was bad news and apparently I didn’t fancy her one bit, I detested her-, she was out of control and she was every man’s nightmare after the killer star-fire; star-fire was an assassin the country was weary of, he earned the name star-fire because before he killed anybody, he normally gave the person a star one week in advance and he never failed to carry out his mission even thou he gave fair warning. Yea Natasha was that scary, after star-fire was Natasha, star-fire used stars and weapons and Natasha used words. But all that was about to change;

You see I happen to be the kind of guy who gets women, I have had my fill of women and I was tired, I never even knew there was a feeling called love. I look a little intimidating because in my former line of business required me keeping shape but more of that later. I happen to be 6ft tall, with very broad solders with blue sparkling eyes, I am also a little hairy and I let my hair go all out, and yeah believe me when I say it, I am sexy. So after going through my routing this wonderful morning, I started walking towards the bank with my usual intimidating walk step and pride, my pen fell and when I bent down to pick it, someone bumped into me from the side, I lost my balance immediately and before I realized it I was on the floor. I could hear laughter all around because for a big guy I fell rather shamelessly, with anger I turned towards the person; it was a girl, not just any girl, it was that horrible Natasha, she just stood there without remorse, looking at me with those eyes, those green cat-like eyes, we both stared, I was angry but I could not speak, I was sitting on the floor so I could get a very good view of her, I saw her clearly for the first time; she was pretty and she had a smirk on her face, her face was round and petite, but those eyes got to me, those innocent naive and yet troublesome eyes, they touched and stirred something deep within me, something I hadn’t felt before, something I thought wasn’t there, my heart was beating and my hands were shaking; am I falling ill? I asked myself, I am supposed to be angry, but I couldn’t say anything, I just kept looking into those eyes, after what seemed like eternity she spoke; aren’t you gonna apologize? Or are u dumb as well as plain stupid? she said with that smirk on her face, I just stared, people were laughing but I just stared, she hissed and stomped off, I sat there for a minute trynna understand WT Flip just happened, I looked back and I could see her figure as she stomped off, o my goodness was she gifted, then I realized where I was and got up angrily, to continue my day’s business, screw the rude brat I said to myself-; you are bigger than her, I thought that was it, I thought it was over- oh my was I wrong.

When I got home that night I took a shower, but I wasn’t just settled, I swear I was falling ill, or so I thought. I took some painkillers and went to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep, all I could see were those eyes, I laughed at myself as I got up, this is stupidity, I said to myself, what’s happening to me I thought, is she a witch? Have I been poisoned? What nonsense is this? I aint no wuss, I laughed and tried sleeping again but I just kept seeing her, with that smirk on her face, those lips, and those eyes, then I heard something beeping rather loudly, it was increasing it kept beeping –beep, beep, beep, beep. At that moment, I jumped up sweating profusely, it was my alarm, I slammed the freakin thing to pieces with all the energy I could muster, my heart was still beating from the rage and I realized something, this was the feeling all my friends had before they started chasing a particular girl stupidly, this was what they explained to me that I warded off laughing, this was the same feeling that made wise boys I know stupid, this was the feeling that made grown men with swag loose appetite for days, then I knew what was wrong and I said to myself; shit I am SPRUNG, and I am SCREWED.

I got up and analyzed my situation, I had two options, either I kept dreaming about this girl or I go speak to her, of course I chose the latter, I washed up and left my house, I was lost in my thoughts, how was I even goanna approach this horrible girl, she could embarrass guys with the best swag, well I decided I wasn’t gonna be faced by her, I went to her house and before I could stop myself I knocked rather hard, I wanted to turn back after knocking, I was practically scared, I started sweating and before I could leave the door opened up. She came out in a pink dress that made her curves and figure so obvious, I DINT even realize I was still staring at her till she said; WT Flip are you looking at???? And why were you knocking like that? Were you trynna break my door? I just stood there dumbfounded, the stupid feeling again, I couldn’t talk and my hands were shaking, then she looked at me with those eyes, those heart piercing eyes, and she seemed to recognize me. She said; oh it’s the dumb and plain stupid fella, if you have nothing to say, leave my pouch, and she slammed the door at my face.
I was raged, WT Flip was happening to me, she was human and annoying, where is my voice always going? I left there angrily and went home, planning on how I was gonna make myself talk next time.
Well since I wrecked my alarm the day before, I woke up kina late the next day, I was woken by the same dream and I decided to take another shot at her, I was thinking of how to make myself say what I wanted to say to her, I decided to go through a route she normally hung out, obviously there she was arguing with some angry looking boys, three in number, for the first time I studied her, I was amazed, was she not scared? It was rather amusing till one of the boys gave her a dirty slap that sounded like a thunder clap, she shrieked so loud, as she fell to the floor! Her cry was so loud it pierced the air AND it pierced my soul……

He kicked her and was about to kick her again and before I realized what was happening I was there, with a speed I myself could not comprehend, I looked at her and a tear dropped from those eyes, I was pissed!!!! With rage in my eyes and with a very low and sinister voice I told them “stop before I do something rash”………. To be continued when i feel like-


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  1. I am gonna assume you are a girl, #boy 2 boy love-z now 14yearz o#coz this one you are using style to toast Tp ere#btw that z his twitter handle- hmmmm well i am JEALOUS o-how come Tp_owo z getting all the love?!!-how about me that z even writing-o well-

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