STAR-FIRE- Episode 2

Okay that’s how I forgot I was even supposed to write self, Weeds were already growing on my page, see me cutting grass to enter my own page again… I am lazy nowadays—-dun-no what’s up with me, I think I am growing old, and I don’t want to grow old yet…o well…

But finally I was able to continue…….if you missed the first episode here z the link-

And the continuation below=
They all stopped in shock which later turned to amusement…..They looked at me and I studied them, I could take them, I had been in so many brawls I could not even keep count, if they decided they wanted a fight, it would be a piece of cake for someone of my caliber. I was actually praying for a fight, I was ready to break someone, but I believed in settling things amicably at first even when angry.

I studied them in less than a minute and looked down at her, where she lay groaning in pain, and once again the anger came boiling up, I was so pissed, I guess they dint see the venom in my eyes…. I was still studying her when I heard footsteps come towards me… I was clenching my teeth in anger when the footsteps stopped close to me and I heard a voice say….

What exactly are you going to do about it?? Nothing really I replied, I am very sorry for my intrusion but please just leave her alone, I really don’t want any trouble I said trying to curb the situation, I said that and started walking toward her to see if she was alright, but he roughly dragged me back saying…. I am not done talking to you….. I suppressed my anger and said I just wanted to see if she was alright….

He came closer and poked me saying…”if you know what is good for you, you had better leave here now!!!!!! I did not move an inch; I hated being poked and he just had to poke me….. I was shaking in anger now… and I presume he thought it was fear instead….. I swallowed the accumulated lump in my throat as I replied him in a shaky voice saying… please don’t do that! My voice was shaking due to anger but I guess he didn’t notice…..

He laughed and said; what are you going to do about it? As he put his finger forward to poke me again

For the first time since I started talking to him, I raised my head up and looked him in the eye saying…. Don’t you DARE do that ag-

He cut me short as he brought his finger forward and poked me right on the forehead saying -Or what??

As he was withdrawing his finger…. I grabbed it and snapped it!!! He screamed in pain as I held on to the already broken finger and pulled him towards me…. I cut short his screaming with a well delivered head-butt to his mouth!! And in quick succession landed another!! I could see blood spill out of his nose and mouth as he went down groaning and shaking in pain on the floor…..

The other two looked at me….. Taken aback at first, and then realization set in as they looked at their downed man…. The guy who had hit Natasha obviously taken by anger charged towards me screaming in anger….

Amateurs I thought to myself…”Never charge towards a balanced foe”…. I side-stepped as he got close and put my feet out as he tripped and staggered almost falling….. I grabbed the back of his shirt holding him steady and with all the energy I could muster landed my elbow to the back of his neck!!!! He was too shocked to even scream!! He spewed out blood; he definitely wasn’t going to be using his neck for awhile I thought to myself in satisfaction, he was probably unconscious at that moment….but I was already irritated because he was the one who had hit her, so I still held on to his shirt as I connected my knee to his face, I could feel some teeth shatter as some of his blood stained my trousers…. Then I let him fall unconscious to the ground…. I felt like battering him some more, but If I did I would probably have killed him…

I looked up at the last guy who I assumed was their leader expecting him to attack, but he moved backwards showing his lack of intention to fight….coward! I thought to myself… I let him be as I went to pick up Natasha……

The boy and his injured comrade picked up the unconscious boy as fast as they could and were about leaving when he turned and said in anger; this is not even close to over- I scoffed showing my disinterest.

Well I guess fate wanted that to be our meeting, and from there things became easier, I looked at her and gave her my hand, with her head bowed she took it and I pulled her up, I helped in cleaning the dust off her body and for a mini-second I drifted, she felt so soft and tender…I thought as I cleaned her up… I came back to reality as I looked at her closely… she was sobbing and I pulled her close, I guess it was a long time coming, with the way she ran her mouth someone was bound to set her straight, I actually felt like laughing, but I came back into reality when I realized how close she was to me, I could feel her sobbing, her hair was under my nose, I could smell her perfume, it was strawberries, I hated strawberries, oh well she just had to smell of strawberries!!! I guess no one had ever hit her before, she raised those eyes, and my heart skipped with pain when I saw her crying, why would someone even want to hit this goddess, she was pretty and naive I guess, I felt like protecting her, like looking out for her, and holding her close like this for ever. I was no longer angry, she had that effect on me… all I had to do was look into her eyes and the anger was gone… how was this possible?? How was she doing this to me?

I don’t know if she saw it in my eyes or it was the slap, but today she was calm, and she raised up her face and looked at me, as if re-collecting something she smiled and said amidst tears- thank goodness you were able to make a move today, we both laughed and I said to her “I will always make a move as long as it’s to protect you”. I thought to myself well the effect of the slap is wearing off.

After that day the rest was easy, you see we both complimented each other quite well, she was the mouth and trouble maker, she could argue with 20 people and find a way to piss them all off, that was just her thing while I was the muscle, I was there for crowd control, I protected her, I looked out for her, and I wooed her, in a few months after that we were inseparable, this new found feeling I was having was remarkable, I felt like climbing the highest places in town screaming of how much I loved her, I felt I could do anything when I was with her, and believe me I could. I made her untouchable and before I realized it, she was in love with me.

Hehehe———— okay now I am tired i will continue later yh…..


8 thoughts on “STAR-FIRE- Episode 2

  1. Very nice Peter…its was like I was watching an actual movie,I could imagine it all.I like d way u hlpd d reader understnd how d main character felt…tumbs up!

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