I just realized i haven’t written random stories in awhile-so here is one+do note that what you are reading is MOSTLY FICTION- believe what you wanna-
Nobody should come n start asking me Jamb questions o-
Dat z all-
So here goes-
Well I got up quietly and picked up my clothes, leaving the girl In my house with a thank-you note, I ran as quick as my legs could take me after dressing up quickly, I hated talking to a girl I just had a one-night stand with, you see my technique was so simple it was flawless, I would always sneak out very early in the morning leaving the girl to sort herself out, that was just a self-contain I rented just for situations like this, some girls were stubborn and didn’t leave the first night, well I didn’t leave any food there anyways, and I always told my cleaner to lock the door when she was done cleaning up, that always sorted out the stubborn girls…

Anyway I ran to my real apartment to freshen up and get ready for work, it was a Friday morning and I still had to work, but we always resumed a little late, so I went to work and the day breezed through so fast, and then came 7-o’clock, my boys called me to hang-out and we went out chilling in a club, there and then I met a girl, her name was Lucy,…

She was pretty, fun and a jovial person and I really and genuinely liked her, we hit it off pretty quick and at the end of the night I tried getting her to my apartment but she refused, it was already kind of late and her place was closer so we went to hers instead, she was cool and we had dinner and I spent the night there….

The next morning I woke up with a running stomach, damn what did she put in the meal?

I looked around and saw I was alone on the bed, but that wasn’t even what got to me, what got to me was the fact that I was stark naked!!!! And my clothes were nowhere to be found….
I was trying to get myself together when it hit me with deep realization – I had been used, and she Left me here, this girl left me here I said in anger……….. I quickly went to look outside the window, the whole place looked deserted as I went back to think of a plan….

BINSH….. I screamed in anger…………she left me; she used my method on me!!!! Karma is really a Binsh..

I looked around and there were no supplies here either, just the way I arrange my house, just the bed and the sheets in the room, I was enraged, I was sure someone was paying me back for a time I wronged her, damn who could it be I thought to myself??? There were so many people on my list – my ex girlfriend, my ex- ex girlfriend, infact all my exes, my bosses daughter, and the list went on and on…

But at this moment I just needed to use the toilet, I looked round the toilet and dint find toilet papers, I was enraged, I kept on murmuring to myself as I picked a newspaper from the floor, as I was about going to use the toilet I had an idea—– I was goanna make her PAY…..

My stomach was rumbling quite loudly now, I had a large smirk on my face as I went to the kitchen pooed on the gas -cooker, I laughed as I cleaned up with the newspaper, I looked around and decided to take a shower, I showered and. felt refreshed, I used the sheets to clean-up my body, I was wondering how I was goanna leave the house without my clothes when my stomach started rumbling again, I looked around and still in the mood for vengeance I sat on the bed and started doing my business again— the poe was so watery and stinky, i couldn’t even handle the smell myself!! I was almost done when…………….

The door opens……………………………
And in she comes, holding my clothes neatly on a hanger, and holding a tissue, she was saying as she was coming in……….Sorry, the dry -cleaner took so long!!!!!


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