STAR-FIRE- Episode 3

Happy Ed-el-Fitr to all my muslim peeps, Hope u all are having a GR8 celebration-thank you guyz so much for the break, i guess we all needed it….
But see me waiting patiently for any of my muslim friends to bring meat for me- still nothing, I am still waiting o,
O-well if u already decided not to bring me any-meat, just have it @d back of your mind that CHRISTMAS is coming- Dat z all

So continuation of my story and-

if you missed the previous episode here z the link-
N d continuation below-

We went everywhere together and I got to know that beneath her solid exterior, she was just as loving as any other REASONABLE girl, she was humble, she gave me my respect, she was loving and yes she was naive and on the plus side she stayed celibate.

I tried so many times to get her to kiss me but each time she told me to be patient and let’s wait for the right time, she wanted it to be romantic, and that she wasn’t ready yet and with love in my eyes and my heart I always said I Will wait, and I did wait patiently because I believed she was worth it, she was definitely worth waiting for.

I got used to staying with her very quickly, we did everything together and before I realized it, everything I hated about her turned to things I couldn’t do without….. especially the smell of strawberry

We actually moved in together pretty fast, and nothing still changed in the sex life, well for love I could deal with it, I could deal with anything, I was unstoppable. Friday night was my personal day, I liked going to a pub outside town to clear out my head, have a few drinks and meditate. She didn’t drink so for a while I stopped going, but this particular Friday, she said I should go, so I would not give up on my personal life totally because of her, after much cajoling and a peck to the cheek, I left the house feeling super fly. this day was pretty fun, I was having fun drinking and playing pool when suddenly my phone rang- I saw the caller id it was her, she knew where I was, she was not supposed to bug me, she was the one who made me come, I felt it was something urgent, so I picked and she said; Its time, I am ready! And SHE hung up.

I dint get it at first, it took me about 2mins to comprehend what she just said, when I realized, I flung my drink and picked up my suit, I ran towards my car and flung the door open, I put in the key and started it but it refused coming on!!! I punched the steering in anger as I left the vehicle, I slammed the door and I heard something fall, I felt I had broken something in my car so I dint look back, it was a silly car anyway, as I walked away from there I thought to myself……So bad luck was real? Anyway that was not gonna stop me….
I started running without thinking, people must have thought I was mad, if they even knew I was running like that for a kiss and make-out if I was lucky, they probably would have tied me up. I kept running, I dint bother taking a cab I just kept running, I waited so long for this moment and it was finally time, I just kept going till I saw an empty cab, I hoped in and screamed my destination, I promised an extra 200 if he went fast, I got home and paid him, when I got home the door was wide open, I looked up and saw a toy star, I thought it was strange but I felt it was a romantic thing she planned I jogged upstairs with my heart racing when I realized something, I paused and looked around; WT Flip? The house was in turmoil, everything was upside down and then I saw it; another star and a blood stain. Sheeez! I didn’t think much of the stars, but the blood was what got to me.

I was scared and was anxious and also praying for it not to be what I thought it was, I ran towards the room and i saw more blood, my bed was in the wrong place, how did it get there anyway? I traced the blood to a corner in the room, then I saw her laying on the floor, she wasn’t moving, my heart sank, I was scared, and with a skipping heart and shaking hands, I slowly walked towards her, she still wasn’t moving, I nudged he a little, then she moved, o my goodness I was glad! She looked up at me with shame and tears her eyes and blood on a deep cut on her face, she said; where were u? I called, you dint answer, you dint pick my calls, I screamed your name you were nowhere to be found, you said you would protect me she said ad- midst sobs, she said all this and gave me a star, I dint understand, what was with all the blood?And these freaking stars? I then studied her closely then my heart sank with sudden realization; she had been DEFILED-

I loved her more than my heart could bear and som1 defiled her, she was my motivation, her happiness made me powerful , I swore to protect her and someone had defiled her without empathy and with so much hatred, he defiled her and even disfigured her, and still had the bravery to place stars in my house!, the woman I loved so much was in tears, I couldn’t bear to see her cry, it caused me so much pain, my heart was in turmoil, I wasn’t there when she needed me most , I was out having fun while the woman I loved was in duress, my mind raced I kept wondering who in the city had the effrontery to defile the woman I loved, was he not scared? Was it one of my enemies? Was it one of the enemies we made in town? Had my past finally caught up to me? Why dint I sense it? Are we not supposed to have a connection with those we love? Were we not supposed to know if something bad was happening to them? All these were the thoughts racing through my mind. Someone was definitely going to pay dearly, I looked at her with bloodshot eyes filled with pain and I said – WHO- she looked at me with shame and a puzzled face, like I was supposed to know already and said; Star-fire!, Without taking my eyes off her and without skipping a beat I said in a voice so quietly low and sinister that it could send a shiver down the spine of the bravest men “I Swear I am goanna kill him” and for the first time since I met her, I saw fear in her eyes, fear in those eyes I loved so much, I thought it was because of what happened to her, but my heart crumbled IN realization because she was scared of something else! Scared of someone else-

Scared of ME……

Yeap- will definitely continue Later-


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