Kudos to those that have been harassing me to post something(mostly girls) and why i took so long to do so- my guys dint even care #sigh and later you wonder why I love girls?…. Well the reason is extremely simple…………Writing is hard as shii…. Especially when you are not even being motivated + I think I got the famous writer’s block, even though its mostly used as an excuse for extreme laziness but mehhn that stuff is as real as LOVE, because for a while I haven’t had any inspiration, I did everything I normally do for inspiration mostly sleeping and eating but still nothing…….. o well, I blame it solely it on the rejection I just got lately, when I heard the words…. I can’t date u.. ishh my mind went on pause mode briefly….#pffttt Le Pain……pheww and yes that was me venting……

so if u happen to be a single hot girl….sharply come help me cure my writer’s block briefly..hehehe

So here goes, if you read and come tell me how boring or how nice it was on BBM, I will just delete you…..if you like it comment here, if it’s boring as hell do comment here but just drop your comments…. And that was me still Rambling-

So here goes

I checked my wallet as I saw the last 500n I had, squeezed awkwardly in my wallet, I took it out and straightened it, i studied the money as i contemplated if to undertake on the venture or not, I needed to head to the bank, the money was just enough to get me there, I was going on a one-way ride, the atm had better be working or I was trekking back home, any way I got outside the gate and locked up, I was holding the money and trynna lock the gate when this terrible gush of wing blew past and carried off the money I was loosely holding off into the air!!!!

Under normal circumstances i probably wouldn’t have bothered, but men were broke and this was 500n, I forgot all atom of pride as I chased my last 500n as it moved like it had a mind of its own, the event was frustrating to me as i jumped in quick successions to get my money, meeehn i ws pissed, but i guess it was funny to some individuals as i could hear laughter around me, #pffft i couldn’t be bothered#, i chased my bar with motivation, after chasing it for some minutes and trying without success to grab the money, it flowed down a little, without considering the consequence, i pictured myself in the jersey of the famous goalkeeper iker casillas as I dived like a professional and caught the money in mid-air and landed straight into the gutter!!!!!
I held the money tightly in my hands oblivious of the laughter in the environment, I lay comfortably in the gutter as i stared at the sun, wondering how i was gonna get out….

Just then I saw a face peek at me, and heard a female voice saying laughingly; aren’t you gonna come out of there??? I looked up and even thou I couldn’t actually see her face, I stretched my hands and she helped me up, I could still hear laughter all round, but she didn’t mind, and obviously neither did I, I told her thanks and she said it was alright, I studied her and she happened to be one of the PREETIEST girls I had seen, and lucky for me she even lived close-by, we talked a little, exchanged infos as we went our separate ways…

We started hanging out a lot after that, apparently she broke up with her boyfriend recently and our getting close wasn’t even hard, but she made sure she took me everywhere with her, in the next month that followed we were practically inseparable and everybody knew us as a couple, we went everywhere together and most times even when I was moving about alone people always asked where my wife was…. The feeling was extreme, I hadn’t felt this good since forever……

Anyway there was a clause, she wanted to stay celibate, and no matter how hard I tried she refused to let me touch her, I was okay with that because it was difficult to find God-fearing babes these days….

We continued like that for awhile and this particular night when we were hanging out in front of my house, she looked me in the eyes and with tears in her eyes she said I LOVE YOU… so, so much, and I want you to promise you are always gonna stay with me…. And I said… of-course I am not goanna leave you, we hugged tight and I saw her off…. I walked back home deep in thought about the situation, I dint actually know If I was in love too… I was still thinking as I landed on my bed and passed out in glorious slumber

The next morning I heard someone pounding angrily and loudly at my gate, I grudgingly stood up and coded my – morning rise- as I put on my trousers, I staggered towards the gate, murmuring angrily to myself….. This person had better have something reasonable to say…. I Got downstairs, opened the gate, and then I saw her… my was she beautiful, she seemed extra-beautiful this ,morning, she probably came over to hangout, oh how much she must have missed me, as I stared at her, it seemed like thou we were alone, just her, the whole world didn’t matter, at that moment, I stared and I knew I was in love, I was too busy admiring her to notice the man and woman behind her… just then I heard a very thick voice say-Is that the foolish boy? I looked up In amazement and studied them closely, she looked a lot like the woman behind her maybe her mother, but the man seemed like a brute… and I kept wondering what I did to warrant being called a foolish boy, but what she said next was the STUNNER that almost made me collapse- Yes DADDDY, this is the boy responsible for my PREGNANCY- just then the man landed me a thunderous slap and I swear I heard angels sing!! all I could mutter at this moment was EHNN…..


7 thoughts on “THE-STUNNER

  1. Is it just me or all the girls are always celibate in your stories?… lmao though said you’ll never leave her now oya prove it!

  2. *laughing*eeh! Na so oo,God fearing babe indeed…she don scam u finish+remeber u promised her that u were not gonna leave….so ure in it alone my broda..I LOVE the story:)

  3. *laughing*eeh! God fearing babe indeed! She don scam u finish+remeber u promised u weren’t gonna leave her……I LOVE the story:)

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