My -New year

Happy New Year folks………….thank goodness we made it, I do hope we make it into many more years together………………


So my new year story
It was the last day of the year, I was very glad, I made it through,  Everything was working out well for me, I had a good job, more than enough money to spend , I was about to move out of my rented apartment to my personal crib and to top it all I had a girl to die for. My plan was well laid out and I was definitely going to get married to her…
Anyway it was 31st December and I thanked my stars all was well with me, I picked up the phone to call my girlfriend because we were supposed to go for the new year countdown,  it rung for a while and I heard that lovely voice that made my heart skip a beat every single time, I told her to come over but she refused and said she was finishing up some chores around the house but I could come instead since her parents had gone to church, then from there we could take off…
I hesitated at first because her father threatened me that he never ever wanted to see me alone with his daughter in his house again and that was cos he once  met us in a compromising position …….but she convinced me it was alright and nobody was gonna be home till 1am……..
I quickly dressed up and went over to her house, anyway I got in and got a very warm welcome, the house seemed different, ,maybe it was because I hadn’t been here in awhile when she was home alone, anyway she made me comfortable in her room and went to get me a drink and some food….
Her cat came and started cuddling comfortably on my feet, I looked around and seeing she was nowhere in sight, I kicked the stupid thing as hard as I could!!!! I hated cats and I was just coping with this lazy fat thing she called a cat…..I hated cats but hated her cat with a passion and if not because I knew she loved the cat I would have broken its neck ever since!!!!
anyway it wasn’t even up to 5mins before she came running in that her parents were back to get something, and she heard her dad say he was coming up because he thought he saw a strange figure from outside, the fear in her eyes made me scared too and she begged me to sneak out and we could meet up later……. Sheez I started panicking, meehn I was scared of that scary dude probably because he warned me already and i hated embarrassments and awkward situations, Anyways I started thinking rapidly…. I looked out the window if I could make it out, but it was too high……. I wasn’t gonna leave what I thought was one painful death for yet another painful one…….
I went out her door and looked for a way out, there was only one and that was where he was coming from, now I knew why her room was so isolated, Just as I stood there thinking of how I was going to die (well just my mind messing with me… at most I would probably have just gotten beaten to a pulp) the lights went out!!!!!  I couldn’t have been happier; I ran as fast as I could and bumped into someone or something that fell with a thud, as I staggered and struggled to gain my balance I stepped on something else, I heard him groan in pain but I didn’t bother stopping to check as I ran out the door as fast as I could…………
I got home and laid on my bed thinking of the night’s event… pheew I thought to myself: that was a close one… even though my fear for her dad seemed kainna exaggerated it was better safe than sorry… I hadn’t lay down for up to 10mins when my phone rang; I picked it and heard my girl crying hysterically on the phone saying… you killed him…. You killed him…when you were running out!!!!!!!!! I dint even bother listening anymore as my head begun to spin, I dropped the phone in shock as I felt my whole world come crumbling down …. I had killed her dad!!!! What was I thinking…….. I couldn’t even think straight…. The phone started ringing again but I dint bother picking cos I knew it was her…… I started thinking about my life so far, the penalty for murder was most-times death by hanging or life imprisonment…. How could this happen to me???……….. I started thinking about what to do next, the shame it was gonna bring to my family to hear I killed someone, I was just 21years old I couldn’t die in prison, I thought as I cried and cried, I looked up at my clock it was just 11oclock…….. I thought things were working out for me, all my plans were gonna end in prison, I was probably gonna be molested!!! I had heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of movies of how the lazy guys were used in prison and then I burst out in more tears…….
My phone rang and rang continuously but I wasnt bothered as I thought about everything and decided running away and changing my personality as I had seen in movies (as if it were that easy) but the thought of living with the conscience of having murdered someone weighed me down, I looked around for other alternatives and decided to commit suicide……….. That seemed like a better option than facing the shame and guilt or living in prison…. Or being hung publicly……. I looked round my house without thinking I picked up a knife and decided stabbing myself…….but when I picked it up and thought about it, it seemed like a rather hard one to pull off……
I dropped the knife as I cried even more…..I had to do something before the cops showed up and I was arrested, it seemed like two days had gone by, I looked at my wall clock and it was just 11-30p!!! Time had a way of being so slow when you are under stress……
I looked round the house as I panicked and sighted the rat poison I kept  because of the massive rat I saw some days back, I took it and mixed it with a drink and sat on the chair as I thought about the situation a little more, I weighed all the alternatives, I couldn’t live with murder, obviously my girlfriend was gonna tell the police what happened, my sentence could be weighed down and I wouldn’t have to be killed, but I would still have to spend majority of my life in prison… was this how my life was gonna end????? After weighing it all, I felt this was the best alternative…. I took in a deep breath with tears in my eyes and did something I hadn’t done in awhile, I prayed!! And I prayed for mercy……….just as I lifted my cup I heard someone pound the door almost without warning, the shock of the sound made me spill my poisoned drink in fear, sheez I thought to myself, I couldn’t even kill myself right, I decided I could quickly mix another, but then I heard the person at the other end put a key in the keyhole,  my girlfriend probably brought the cops to my house, and she had her key….. In my panic I forgot I gave her my spare key….. It was as if time slowed down as the door opened up, I knelt down as I surrendered to my fate…..I expected to see a group of policemen rush in with their heavy weapons, I dint even look up as  the door opened up and I heard a voice say…. What are you doing?? we are going to be late!!!! I looked up at my girlfriend and said with tear stained and confused eyes… but I killed him: I said in a shaky voice…. Yes I know you did, and it wasn’t on purpose, even though I know you hated him all this while… I looked at her in amazement, was she losing it??? I muttered again but he is dead……she looked at me and with a little confusion and said yes, I would get another cat tomorrow, so hurry up or we are gonna be late for the countdown ……….ummm did u say cat??? I managed to blurt out………..

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6 thoughts on “My -New year

  1. Lwkd! Mtcheww..d girls deserves to be beaten,couldnt she have explained to you over the phone that it was the cat.Na so u for just kill urself…..its nyc really,i love it..Nyc Story

  2. Why didn’t she just waste 2 more mins!!…and then he’d be famous for killing himself for a cat(which he never even liked)…Good one

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