No strength to rant today + the story is long enough anyways So….

I stood and admired my work like I always admired all my contracts, feeling like  an artist. I had another contract later in the day but before then I had an appointment with a therapist.



I left for my appointment with my therapist for 9am so I rounded up with what I was doing and headed towards the office. When I got in, I met a blonde secretary who smiled sheepishly at me.

I flirted a little with her, but just then the buzzer sounded as she rushed into the therapist’s office to prepare me for my turn, leaving me and her unfinished cup of coffee.

I walked in and studied the rather large man with a big looking diary.  He motioned me to the couch, and I walked towards it and lay on it.

Therapist: So what’s your name??

Me:  My name is Blake Doc, can I call u Doc?

Therapist:  (starts scribbling in his book) Yes, Doc is fine Blake.

Me: Okay then

Therapist: Try making yourself as comfortable as possible.

Me:  Alright Doc!

Therapist: Okay good. So what exactly is the problem Blake?

Me: I don’t know, but everybody says I am weird.

Therapist: Weird! Why?

MeI think it it’s because of the way my situation is messing with me.

Maybe it’s because my line of work is supposed to make me hardened, and I consider myself too cool for such shenanigans.

Therapist: Your situation?? What is your line of work?

MeYes heartbreak, sadness and all the likes.  You see, my life was going smoothly as it was, before I met her. And I think my meeting her was fate’s way of teaching me a lesson.

My routine was going so smoothly until she came in, and everything spewed out of control; Oh yeah I am a contractor.

Therapist: (scribbling) She?

Me: Yes, She. Let me tell you a little about her; She was perfection, at least she was perfectly everything I wanted. She could do no wrong in my eyes.

I heard stories that somewhere in the world every man had his female version, someone who made everything seem so perfect, someone who made everything easy, and luckily for me I think I found mine.

Therapist: I see, keep going Blake.

Me:  I was way taller than she was and even though I liked tall girls, her beauty was way taller than I or any other tall girl could ever be.

She had deep blue eyes that seemed to study the deeper meaning behind things. She was a little proud just like I was, she was smart and could hold her end even during an intellectual argument without any hassle.

She laughed at my jokes and teased me when I wasn’t funny, and yes she made me have a good laugh once in a while. We could tell each other even the weirdest things and it never got awkward.

She wasn’t mushy like I was, and she dealt with things practically, she laughed when I was becoming too mushy, she was different from others doc.

However, something drew me close to her and at the end Doc, she was everything I wanted, everything I needed, and she made me want to try to become a better person!

Therapist: Quite a lady I suppose?

Me: Yes, she was one in a Zillion Doc. Did I mention her voice?

Therapist: No you did not. What about it Blake??

Me:  Damn! she had the nicest voice I ever heard! I could have listened to it over and over again.

In-fact, I could listen to her talk without end, her voice made me melt with happiness every time I heard it. 

It could make the angriest man smile in awe after hearing it.  I always wondered why she wasn’t in a choir or a popular singer, I even have her voice recorded as my ring-tone and message tune!!

Would you like to hear it??

Therapist:  (finally looks up from his book) He lets out a chuckle. No! that wouldn’t be necessary.

Me: Okay doc, but you are missing out.

Therapist :  (#holds in another chuckle) Okay then, so if she was so perfect, what happened??

Me: Well, everything was going fine until the arguments really started; we literally started bickering and disagreeing about silly things.

It was becoming tedious and we realized our opinions about things were different from each other’s.

Therapist: (Scribbling) okay, opinions about things like?

Me: Well Doc, opinions about life. She judged me based on them, even though I was just trying to be honest and give her a realistic point of view. She had to judge me based on that, she started thinking I was weird.

Therapist: Hmmm, don’t you think your opinions make you who you are??

Me:  Ha-ha; You are beginning to sound just like her doc.

Therapist: I see(Scribbles down).  Okay, so what actually happened??

Me: Well, she was about moving to a different city, and I went over to see her to talk about us, but she laughed and said; …

Therapist#raises his head…….. She said?

Me: She said; there is no longer any us!!

Therapist: Ouch! wow, I see.  So what happened next?

Me:  Well I was obviously in shock, and asked her since when and she couldn’t give me any reasonable reply.

She told me she was only taking the logical step, and that she was only being practical. Doc, she said i was weird and I told her we could try, I could change and I was going to be a better person.

Therapist:  Okay, keep going.

Me:  But she said it was pointless, with her moving and everything.

I told her I was willing to fight for it to work, but she said it was pointless and she wasn’t willing to fight for anything. She even told me to go and look for someone who was willing to fight for me.

Therapist: Oh okay, I see. Keep going.

Me: Well, I tried making her see reason with me, but she said I was too weird for her. So why extend a relationship that was already doomed?  She said.

Therapist # scribbling.. Keep going

Me: Then,  after I tried without any result, I used my trump card.

Therapist: Your trump card?

Me:  Yes Doc, with just the right amount of tears in my eyes I said; but I love you!!!

She looked at me and smiled and replied; Babe I love you too, but sometimes love is not enough!!!!

I was so devastated Doc!! But then, that was when it happened.

Therapist: (Looks up) … when what happened?

Me:  Doc, I snapped when I realized she wasn’t going to reason with me.

Therapist(Now giving me his full attention) ….. You snapped?

Me: Ha-ha doc, yes I did.  You see, I hate losing things I love and I wasn’t going to let her leave me. So immediately she said that I got up and stabbed her on the shoulder with the kitchen knife as she screamed in pain!!

Therapist: You stabbed her!!! He asked incredulously

Me:  Ha-ha. Doc, stabbing her was the least painful part!! Even more painful, was when I broke her fingers one after the other!! Now Doc, that was ecstatic!! it was pure art!! and surprisingly I loved it!!!

Therapist: Visibly worried# okay, okay, ummm, I think your time is up; he said.
The therapist searched for his phone as I showed it to him,

Me:  Doc, relax I took it off you a long time ago! I was…..#my phone rings…. Cutting me off.

#The therapist jumped at my ringtone; It was the sound of a lady screaming, no, more like screeching painfully; with the words please don’t kill me!!

Therapist:  wha…whaa..t was that??

Me: Ha-ha.  Doc did I not tell you I used her voice as my ring tone?? Any way that was the last time I heard the lovely voice. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to hear her voice again, so I saved it so I could replay it forever!!

Therapist: You are crazy!!!! There is something fundamentally wrong with you!!

Me: Ha-ha. Yes, I know doctor. I have being told.

Therapist ……. (Screaming at the top of his voice for his secretary)…. Suzzy!! Suzzy!! Help!!

Me: Doc, calm down, Suzzy is probably dead; I dumped a little something in her drink before I came in.

The therapist tried running for the door and looks at me in fear as I moved swiftly towards him. He was about screaming again when I jabbed his throat twice!

He coughed and spewed out some blood as he gagged in pain.

I grabbed his head and whispered in his ears; Thank you doc, I am glad I was finally able to rant to someone about my situation.

But Doc, I think relationships are overrated, I pine for her every single day, but don’t you think sometimes, just sometimes love is enough???

He looked at me in fear, nodding his head, trying to speak, as if he was trying to agree with me; I watched him in amusement, and with all the force I could muster, I dug my stiletto in his jugular before he could give an answer.

( Note- A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a stabbing weapon-#source -Wikipedia and yes don’t say I didn’t teach you stuffs)

Just then my phone rang again. I picked up and heard a voice ask; is it done?? And I replied; Yes, just the way you wanted. Make sure the money is paid in full I said, as I cut off the call.

I admired my work once more before I left. I was a contractor and I just fulfilled the terms of my contract. Even though I was heart-broken, this particular CONTRACT made me feel alive. It felt good finally talking to someone about it.

I laughed in amusement as I wondered why in my weird mind I believed that sometimes LOVE WAS ENOUGH!!

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15 thoughts on “The-Contract

  1. damn! nyc…wait d guy is a psycho,murderer,contractor nd an artist? hu called him at last? was it d person dat hired him 2 kill d doc?…plsss write more, I wnt sm more!!…tumbs up pal*winks*

  2. *Routine
    And Some other misspelled words.

    Would have been better if you had written something like “I sliced his throat and watched the blood flow/gush out like a waterfall and when he tried to speak he sounded like he was gurgling” rather than “I jabbed him.” You should try to be more descriptive of actions like you are of the characters.

    Amusing story. Lol crazy imagination (I hope). Quite sadistic and twisted. Liked the artist admiring his work ish. Really nice story.

    P.s I’ve been waiting for this story 🙄

    • Lol are u sure u don’t wanna be my co-writer? Co’s your imagination seems crazier than mine…. anyways Thanks Thanks+ I knew u were waiting for it….I had to take my time, it’s more fun that way…..

  3. Wow!..Big ups!…This is really good stuff, I could never have guessed it’ll be a tragedy. Expected a happy ending,lol.

  4. This story is really captivating….. the guy is a sick murderer and he’s very smart… I knew he had to do something to the Secretary’s coffee…. how did he take the phone? ?

  5. This piece is dope, I told you I’d check it out earlier today when we met at the cafeteria and yes I did. I second Anonymous March 4, 2014, 5:06am’s feedback however, great write up overall.

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