STAR-FIRE Episode 5

Pfft…..still too tried to rant, saving my strength for something I don’t know about..
If you feel u are intrigued enough to read the previous episode, I gat your back, just click d link below…

Episode 4

I winced in pain as I struggled to walk back home, it was still quite early and the streets were still quite deserted, I opened the door and found her still asleep, I was going to talk to her when she woke-up I thought as I sat on the chair and drifted off…..

I woke up the next night in the hospital, I saw Natasha sitting with a worried look on her face, she had black budges under her eyes and I realized she was stressed out and hadn’t gotten much sleep.

She smiled a little when I came to, she explained I lost a lot of blood and passed out on the chair, and was able to get help in moving me here when she found me…
She just had to donate some blood for me, she said I had being out for 15hours and the doctor said I could leave the next morning….

I calculated in my head, we had only a day before star-fire came for us, I held her hand and explained the situation to her, after explaining to her, the look in her eyes had me worried, the woman I once loved was practically gone, her eyes seemed hollow, she wasn’t scared and she couldn’t care.

I told her I could try getting her somewhere safe till was over and she relied, I want to stay, and I want to help… I looked in her eyes and saw a nothing… I was bothered but I knew it was pointless convincing her otherwise….

I reasoned our situation, there was no way we were going to survive without help, this was an experienced hit man coming for us, and he already showed us how terrible he could be when he decided to defile her. I was still going to have to make him pay, but Natasha was a liability, she wasn’t a fighter, and this guy was a cold-blooded killer, I couldn’t fight him off alone and at the same time protect her, I racked my brains and I decided I had to get help, I was going to call my friend, I was going to call Bruce…

I was released from the hospital the next day, I was given some aspirin for the splitting headache where I was bashed on the head,  Natasha  looking unkempt had been there to take me home, I got home and picked up the phone to call Bruce..

Bruce and I had quite the history together, I had saved his life twice, and since then he just felt indebted to me…

I met Bruce in the army, we were both sergeants as at then and we had a very horrible lieutenant, we called him Lewinsky, he was as mean and horrible as they came, he didn’t really care about us as individuals and if he felt you were a threat to the safety of the platoon he cut you off without remorse, he was a good solider no doubt, but his methods were cold….

We had gone to get what we were told was an easy package, our unit was supposed to take over a particular part of town,  but something had gone wrong and it became hostile and we had to retreat, we under-estimated the manpower and sophistication of the enemy’s weapon’s and we lost a lot of good men. 

Bruce had being hit by a gunner hidden in the bushes, it was a through and through, the slug went through his legs. The piercing scream from Bruce was what made me stop, he wasn’t particularly a friend of mine but I stopped to help…

Leave him alone lieutenant Lewinsky shouted… I paused for a minute before I continued to go help him…

Sergeant leave him alone, he screamed, this is a direct order, he is going to slow us down….when he saw I was still headed to Bruce he pulled me back roughly and I landed him a well placed punch…

I scoffed as I lifted Bruce who was still screaming in pain  I carried him for almost 2hours running for both our lives, when I got him to the extraction point and he was about to be taken for medical attention he held my hand and told me he owed me his life, and he would never ever forget….  I got court-marshaled for disobeying a direct order from a superior officer, I could have gotten away with that but the fact that I hit him couldn’t be overlooked and I lost my position in the army but saving Bruce was worth-while, I never regretted it  even once…

Bruce took that statement literally and he never did forget he had done me so many favors’ in the past but I had no one else to call…… I called him, I heard his chirpy voice say; hey rauf… long time, what’s up? I replied; I am in a jam… I need your help… that was all he needed to hear before he came running over with three tough looking guys….

I met him at the city center as we hugged and reminisced over old times…., Bruce was a tall and lanky dude, his advantage wasn’t in power but Bruce was a damn good strategist, his ideas had saved us more times than I could remember, he was cool when he wasn’t being extreme..

Rauf u dare-devil, he said; where have you being getting trouble from?? I sat down and explained the whole situation, and I pointed and said I had to protect her; he let out a light whistle after listening and asked me silently…
You really care about her don’t you? He asked; and I replied of course Bruce and he asked again; is she worth your life man? And without missing a beat I replied; I would gladly die for her over and over again….so are you going to help me?

He let out a loud laugh and said; good thing I came prepared, then with a voice so low he said… any enemy of yours is definitely going to have me to answer to, you are willing to die for your woman, and I am going to be beside you if I have to, and if we go down, we make sure we do with a loud bang

Thanks Bruce, I replied, as I noticed in realization that he was the only person close to family I had after Natasha….
Bruce did come prepared anyways, he had 5 Uzis and a shot-gun, he loved shot guns and I knew without asking that it was his, Bruce said happily; rauf I added some grenades and two hunting knives, just like those days in the jungle right?

Right I replied; as I thought to myself, those days in the jungle, a knife was most-times quicker and deadlier in the hands of most men in our platoon.  I studied the weapons, if I didn’t know Bruce I would say he was demented, honestly I was worried for him at times, his love for handling situations in extreme manners scared me, to him anything relating to me was war and he always came prepared for that. Anyway we were prepared and in the end I was glad I called my friend.
Before it begun to get dark, I went over to where Natasha sat looking gloomy again and gave her one of the Uzis, I said to her, if u hear anything, just point and hold down the trigger, understood? Yes she replied…..and looked at me with those hollow eyes that made me shudder; do you think we would make it? I replied well we can only hope babe, but I will die protecting you if I have to, and I have to make him pay I said as I hugged her, she walked away sluggishly into the inner room as I had the satisfaction of watching her derriere sway as she left before I headed towards the men..

After having a hearty meal, We spent the  rest of the day determining who was going to defend what part of the house, he was going to come, but we were going to be prepared, and I was going to survive this and this time I was going to protect her, we got up later that night to look at the plans for the next day when and how we were going to defend the surrounding, I opened the window for some air as we gathered round the table to make a plan…. I hadn’t even left the window when a slug burst through Bruce’s head and his brains covered in thick blood splashed on the wall and on our plans….

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7 thoughts on “STAR-FIRE Episode 5

  1. Omg! Dat star fire guy (¬_¬) really mean you guys oo,the story is cool and amazing,its sounds (¬_¬) really,I can almost visualise the whole scenario in my head..Good job! *shines teeth*

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