STAR-FIRE Episode 6

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So If u missed the previous episode click d link below
Episode 5


The man called star-fire watched as they reacted to the death of one of the men, he had a clear shot of them all, including his two targets, he liked calling his marks targets refusing to get familiar with names, targets just seemed easier and less attached, so he just picked one of the newcomers and took his shot, this was a warning shot, he just wanted them to know it had begun and he was coming.

He liked making every job  he got more fun and challenging than the former, so he set up situations to make it more challenging, he whistled to himself  happily as he  packed up his sniper rifle and scope….

When he had gotten this job it seemed so amusing, when he had gotten to the town he knew it was going to be an easy one, he had watched them for over a month before he struck, they lived in a large compound alone, he watched them as they followed the same routine every other day, and those kind of targets in his line of job were the easiest… he always called them bonus jobs….

It hadn’t been hard, tailing them was even easier, they kept moving about unaware of the fact that their lives were in danger, it was funny; he thought to himself, he could have dropped them anytime he wanted but then what was the fun in that? He loved a challenge and to him his job was a game and he was determined to make this particular job a challenging game for his sadistic killing methods, in time he noticed his target loved this lady, he thought of taking her out first so as to make his target agitated …

He reminisced on how he waited for Friday night when the male target usually went out to gamble, that was the only day the female target was actually totally alone, he waited till the target had gone for about 30mins before he slipped out of the building he was, he put on dark clothing’s so moving in the dark was going to be easier, he slipped into the dark corners of the buildings, if someone had been watching him, he would have looked like nothing more than a moving shadow. Moving like this was the reason he was still alive and was the best in the trade, he quickly got to her compound and stuck to the shadows provided by the tress and grasses, he shook his head silently, large compounds like this made assassination easier, he looked around the quiet building and decided to go through the main door which was left open, he planted mics round the houses when he got in, when he was done,  he slipped into her room when she was bathing and stayed inside a man-hole used for electric repairs in the ceiling….

Star-fire waited looking interested, waiting was not a problem for him, he had a lot of patience, he had waited for days in awkward places before taking out his target, so this was nothing, the heat in the man-hole was extreme, he cleaned his brows patiently as he waited and planned exactly how he was going to kill her.

He brought out his knife thinking of the best ways to handle her n make it as bloody as possible, but then she came of the bathroom putting on a sensational gown, and that was where he lost control, she looked so beautiful, really beautiful, he found himself losing control … such a waste he thought to himself … then he heard her calling the male target and ask him to come home, he knew he had to hurry up and make a decision on what to do to her..

Then he reasoned and came up with a more sadistic way to make them suffer.

She had just finished making the call and was waiting and smiling ….. She was obviously in her own world when he slipped down form where he was with his knife, her eyes were closed until  he placed his knife on her lips and warned her not to scream.  But then he fell for the temptation, it was too much for him, and he had his way with her, when he was done I told her he was star- fire, and to tell him he was coming for them…… she just laid there crying as he walked back into the darkness…

Star-fire went into his room where he had a good view and listened to their conversations, he cursed himself for losing control but the situation swayed to his favor, the usual happiness they had was no longer there, he wasn’t bothered, the man seemed to be getting angrier each day, and the girl was starting to become unattractive

He stayed UP in his room and listened to them try getting past what happened.  He was beginning to get restless when he saw his male target going out one night and he followed him silently, star-fire used the roofs to move swiftly, quietly and unnoticed. This guy was making himself such an easy target, It was a miracle he fought off the urge to drop him, he thought to himself.

Star-fire noticed three men come out of the shadows behind his TARGET, and he shook his head in disappointment as one of them landed the shovel on his target, he decided to tail them and make sure they didn’t kill his target; he wasn’t going to lose the pleasure of that to some amateurs …

He had a clear view of them and almost took the assailants down twice, but he was surprised by the way his target handled himself, he was impressed and thought to himself; this game might still be fun after all. 
Star-fire was more elated when his target called for help. He noticed the one he called Bruce was a good friend of his target from the way they related, he was the one star-fire decided he was going to use as a warning…
He had settled in his room and listened to their boring plans, he set up his dragunov sniper rifle with a long range telescopic sight and fixed in his silencer, he had a very clear shot of all his targets, he was about to take my shot when one of his main targets opened the window, he shook my head and said to himself; idiot, seems your death has been written, he steadied his aim with Bruce’s head in view and he pulled the trigger.

HE watched in satisfaction Bruce’s brain splattered on the wall…. Their reaction made him even more impressed, the girl screamed in shock but she was lucky her boyfriend pulled her out of sight, the others followed suit, and the lights were switched off….. He shook his head as he thought; they just saved him the stress of cutting out the power……
He listened in on his planted mics in the house as they all hurried to their various positions, positions which he already knew like the back of my hands, they should have stayed together he thought to myself as he carefully wiped his prints off the sniper, packaged it and picked out his hunting knife, some throwing knives and his pistol fitted with a silencer, he decided he was going light, he was going to have fun…..

Star-fire  carefully slipped into his  dark clothes and put on his mask, the mask with a star which was his  other identity, that was the only description the police had of him… it was his trademark….

He slipped into the darkness like he did before, he had spent so much time scouting the environment and moving about at night that with his eyes closed he still would have known how to get where he was headed and stay out of sight!! He stuck to the darkness as his heart started beating in anticipation, he really loved when he had to get his hands dirty, he loved playing this game so much, he got close to the building which was silent, it was so silent that the only sound he could hear was that of his heart thumping in his chest..overtime his  eyes  had gotten accustomed to darkness, and due to all the numerous jobs he had taken up, his hearing was even better, he  could even hear the first sentry moving about loudly, these men all have a death wish he thought, bloody amateurs….he  walked silently behind him and waited for him to come past as he grabbed his neck from behind, he  squeezed as the sentry  struggled, and when star-fire felt the sentry was going to pass out, he brought out his knife and dug it into the sentry , he kept on pulling and digging it back in even after he felt the life drain out of the body, he felt the blood from the dying man flow freely onto his gloves, he dropped the lifeless  body in satisfaction….

He went back into the shadows as quick as he had  come out,  he saw another sentry coming towards his location, he heard the sentry whisper in an uneven voice; malik, where are you?? As he raised his guard up and came slowly, star-fire couldn’t let him alert the others, he was past him and almost at the body when star-fire rose up his pistol, aimed for the sentry’s head and pulled the trigger twice. He was dead even before he hit the ground….

Star-fire silently walked towards the building, this was too easy and they had a lot of hiding places in the vast compound, his target  should have brought in a squad, it would have being more challenging, he crouched within the grass and blended in the darkness as he moved towards where the other sentry was supposed to be located, he wasn’t moving from his location, he crept slowly towards him knife in hand, he thought  of rushing him but decided against it as the noticed the Uzi the sentry  held, it was very easy to get decorated by those weapons, he picked out a throwing knife and with force and experience gotten from using throwing knives he threw it at the sentry and it dug  deep into his throat, the sentry  let out a loud scream as the pain made him pull the trigger, he  kept shooting as he gagged to death….

Star-fire was disappointed, his silent streak had being ruined he thought to himself , anyway It was just the guy and the girl left, his main targets, he slipped towards the door where the sentry was lying and he dug his knife into the dead sentry’s chest as payment for wrecking his silent streak, he got to the door  and opened it silently… he  was about getting in when he heard  something drop down the stairs…..t.. Thump…Thump… thump….he looked in shock when he realized what it was, he ran and dived into cover, he was a little late as the explosion from the grenade grazed his legs a little, he shrugged the pain and struggled to his feet, he was about going in again when he heard another Uzi go off inside the house, the gun kept firing blocking his entrance, he looked around for another way in, and smiled to himself when he looked up …..

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