STAR-FIRE Final Episode…

So I woke up this morning about to go to church, fully dressed and all, and that is when one sexy rain decided to fall..Lol devil is a liar I said to myself as I sat down…there was no light n nothing to do so I decided to complete my story#n I still went to church o in-case the evil peeps among u who stabbed service are wondering, I prayed for you all…..

So final episode… This is a bit lengthy so if u have issues with reading just read a word a day n you will be done before u know it \a/

So If u missed d previous episodes the links are available below

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And finally #drumroll and for the local peeps among you gehngehn gehngehn …last episode


We were talking and finalizing our plans when a shot went through Bruce, a slug went through his head and spilled his brains on  the plans and the walls beside him, I took about 4seconds to understand what had happened as I stared at the empty space where his head used to be, I was brought back from my shock by the screams of Natasha, I quickly dragged her and ducked into cover, he had come but he had come a day early, he had the element of surprise on us….

I was analyzing, Bruce was dead, star-fire was using a sniper rifle, I motioned to one of the men to switch off the lights, to make it more difficult for him to hit any more of us, I tapped the men and in understanding they all crawled out to their various positions.

I held her close to me and consoled her, I gave her the Uzi and reminded her of what I said; just point and hold down the trigger, and i locked the door and stayed close to it…
We were there for about 5mins and I heard no sound, it was so quiet in the compound, I looked out the window and I could see nothing, it was so dark, where was he going to come from? I thought. He had only one point of entry which was guarded by one of the guys there and I stayed at the door upstairs, it was so amazing how fast the mind could work when in danger,  I put my ears on the door and waited, just  then I heard a cry of pain and the sound of a gun, it was just a burst from a Uzi..

sheez… I thought to myself;  he was inside already, I picked a grenade from the ones Bruce gave to me and silently opened the door, I couldn’t see a thing, it was dark and silent down there, I just threw the grenade down the stairs, I did that and ducked into cover, the explosion from the grenade was exhilarating, it rocked the foundation of the building and reminded me of my days in the army….

Before I could get out of cover I heard a Uzi go off, I stood up and noticed Natasha at the door and she kept shooting without stopping, she let it go on until she ran out of ammo…. The sound was deafening….. It took me about a minute to get back my bearing, I crawled towards her and pulled her away from the door…..

I told her to stay put and I went to peep, I shouldn’t have left her, because as soon as I went through the door I heard her scream, I ran back in and flicked on the lights……

He already had her, and in his hands he had a pistol pointed at her head…… ha-ha, he laughed, good one mate, this is the most fun I have had in years, you even grazed me he said, Now put the gun down will you, except you like me to create a painting with her brains?

I looked at him, I couldn’t see his face, he was hidden behind that mask that was so well known, but something about his voice told me he wasn’t bluffing, I dropped my gun slowly and looked at him….I had time to study him as I dropped the weapon, I couldn’t kid myself , he was a rather large and highly fit man.. I had seen my share of large enemies in my days but this man in particular was a bit intimidating…. Well I could manage to take him..I thought

When he said something about fun, i realized the kind of person i was dealing with and decided to push my luck and said to him; if you do like fun, why don’t you drop the gun and show what you are made of?

He replied; with pleasure mate, as soon as he had said that he hit her with the butt of the pistol and dropped it on the floor simultaneously as he charged towards me, he had the element of surprise because his  speed was extreme as I did not see that one coming, he was too fast for me, even though I tried to duck, he landed a punch to my face that made me stagger to the door, I threw my left fist at him viscously as he ducked without any effort, he landed me some painfully quick jabs below my chest. I tasted the blood in my mouth as I thew a haymaker using my left fists and all the strength I could summon…. The punch was packed as I felt my knuckles cackle as it made an impact… But he didn’t even flinch, it was like hitting a Jaw made of granite… He returned the favour with his right fist as I spewed out blood and fell to the ground, he was on top of me before I could gather my strength…

Is this what you call fun mate he said in a mocking voice, as he kept on landing me punches on my face.
I was beginning to feel week, the difference in strength was just too drastic, I heard him say;  well, you die now, and i will make sure u suffer as you do, then I focus on her again, he put his hands on my neck, they felt like a metal clamp, and it was like my brains were going to spill out of my ears, he removed his left hands and brought out a knife with a speed I couldn’t understand, I could see my life ending before me, and I was sad because I couldn’t protect Natasha, I was going to fail her again, and that left me depressed, is this how I was gonna die? With all my days fighting In the army and as a mercenary? I was gonna did a pathetic death, and that made me even worse.. he was about to stab me on the throat when I heard a voice say drop the knife, he looked back but I couldn’t deny it was unmistakably Natasha’s voice… I managed to raise my head weakly to see her up on her feet, there was a lot of blood oozing from the side of her head..
Still with star-fire’s pistol pointed at him, and with dead cold eyes she repeated it again, he looked at me with viciousness in his eyes, I had seen that look before, the look of a man without fear, I screamed at her to shoot, but I was too late, just as the shot went off to his back, he let the knife go with the same force and speed, I heard the gun go off again as she gagged in pain, star-fire turned his head back at me with those vicious eyes, his mask was the last thing I saw as I drifted into darkness…

I started hearing voices as I was beginning to come to, they are all dead  a voice said, seems like star-fire, I think he is dead too, finally another voice said, good riddance.. I am glad I didnt have to face him a voice said..

I groaned as I pushed off star-fires body where he laid lifelessly on me,  I crawled towards Natasha and checked if she was still alive, she looked white  with his  knife stuck in her throat  and  her green eyes open lifelessly, there was no way she could have survived, she died protecting me instead, such an irony I thought to myself;  I  felt my pockets and dropped the weapons, I was about to drop the grenade when I heard a voice say freeze; do not move, the voice said star-fire Is here I have him, he said that as three other cops came rushing up, freeze buddy they said as they pointed their weapons, slowly take of the mask and put your hands behind your head!!!

Mask I thought to myself, I felt my face with my hands, shit I didn’t even realize it, he put the mask on my face before he died, I looked at the cops, I knew two of them, they knew me in the town I thought to myself as I said I am not star-fire I said that as I removed the mask, if I had known better I would have left it on , I told them it was me, one of the cops said; rauf?? I knew there was something spooky about that guy, put your hands up rauf, I realized what was happening, I wasn’t talking my way out of this one, even in death star-fire still made one last game, he really was going to make suffer, he must have known he was going to die before he put the mask on my face; and what better to make me suffer by making me star-fire. The voice of one of the cops got me out of thoughts as he said; put your hands up….i felt the grenade in my hands as I removed the pin, I counted the seconds in my head, I needed just enough time to escape, I sighted the window and decided to go for it, my plan was laid out in my head, and i replied; I am not star-fire,  one of the cops came towards me I dropped the grenade behind me…..

He heard the sound and asked; what was that..sheez grenade he said… as he ran ducking, the other cops fired some shots at me as I dived out the window. I had barely jumped when the explosion rocked the building, I landed on one of the police cars, I took about a minute to recover, I was still holding the mask as I dug it into my pockets , and ran into the darkness….

I ran and never stopped running, I couldn’t even grieve for her death, one of the cops survived and before I knew it my pictures and description had been circulated to every city and every town, removing the mask in that house was my most fatal mistake, I was a wanted man, and I had to stay in the shadows, my life was over, there was nothing to live for anymore, the assassin wrecked my life…. I kept running and I have never stopped….

My name is Rauf-merca, forever branded to be hunted down with the name STAR-FIRE
The end


Jake slipped to his house as he threw his coat to his hanger as he walked towards his sitting room, their operations had being stalled, the town was filled with cops after the star-fire incident, he had run far away from that town when he heard rauf survived, and he was being hunted down as star-fire

As he went to turn on the light, he had a sensational feeling someone watching him, he switched on the light and stiffened in fright when he saw the intimidating man on his arm chair with a gun pointed at him, he shrunk in fear when he saw the mask, and the voice made him shiver in fright..

Now Jake the voice said; you had better start talking; there was something cold about this voice..for some reason he shivered, and he knew at this very moment he was screwed……………..

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