For Better – For Worse

So before I begin I guess I am supposed to rant as usual yh? Neeeeh, the post is long enough as it is…sooo read on folks….

I walked around my house as I pondered on what to do next…. The call I just received made me weary, I heard the caller clearly… The thick baritone voice kept ringing in my ears…

“Mr Bands we have your wife….50million or she dies, call the police or tell anyone and she dies, refuse to pay the money and she equally dies… As the line went dead…..

You see money was not my problem. In fact it was the least of my problems; the fact that someone could have had the audacity to take my wife, my own wife was what bothered me.
The mere thought of it was amusing, they didn’t know what they had done I thought to myself….
I pondered on the situation…

There was nothing I could do, I needed someone quickly. We just moved into the area so I really didn’t have many friends except one.

His name was max, I had saved max when he tried jumping off a bridge, his life wasn’t in a good state then, he had lost everything he had in a venture gone wrong and at the same period the only family he had which was his wife had died in an accident. His house was about to be mortgaged and creditors were on his neck, he was neck deep in debt and I saved him from all that, he owed me one, he had no family, no friends, he was the perfect candidate I could get given the situation.

I called Max and the speed in which he used in coming over when I said I had a problem made me realize how much of a good friend he was…I used my encrypted line and told him to tell no one where he was headed as the situation was dire… I felt bad I had to involve max in this because friends were scarce but the present situation required drastic measures…..

He rung the bell taking the back door I told him to pass where he wouldn’t be seen, i told him to do so in case we were being watched and if things went wrong…

Hello max I said…
Hello bands he replied…. Something amusing happened today max I said….my wife was kidnapped, i said as i burst out in laughter

Max…*confused…  Kidnapped?? How did u know this? And what are their demands? And how in the hell is it amusing? Have u called the cops…. *I cut him off

Me… Hold on max, they said they would kill her if i called the cops but I would like you to listen from the beginning … Could you do that for me?  it was the most amusing thing I heard all week, now let me explain why I found it extremely amusing…. let me tell you about my wife, about the woman they stupidly kidnapped  and When I am done I swear you will understand

Max. .. Okay then….make me understand…#as he simmers down….

Me…  it’s said that every MAN Should have a drive, an ambition and all that shit, well for a while I dint have any of that, I was cool with just waking up and working my ass of through the day, I worked to survive, and that was enough for me.
I  had no girlfriend Actually and i was still cool with that, my ex left me BECAUSE  she felt i lacked passion, I  was beginning to get tired of all the names given to not having a drive, well it was tedious and I knew I needed a drive. I needed a push to become successful, a destination to head toward, something to fight for, do u understand max??

Max… Of course I do…I have been at that point.

Me … Anyway all that changed, when I met her, her name was BABAWSKA and she was to later become my wife. She was good and all and all was bliss, she was actually the one thing my life was missing, she was that push.  She was perfect, she was everything I needed, she became my motivation, she became my drive, she showed me my destination and I decided to get married to her.  I should have noticed the look her relatives gave to me; like dude really, you are going to marry her???  But I dint realize the looks, I was love-stuck, to me she was the most beautiful woman I had ever set my eyes on and all went well UNTIL

Max … until what? And what has this got to do with the kidnap #starting to get restless

Me…. Hold-on max, i am getting there….you see all was going well until strange things started happening…

Max.. #showing interest… Strange things?

Me … Yes strange max… You see max, after the wedding , all her family members , my family members, her close friends and even mine seemed to vanish off the face of the earth, we became more like loners. Never saw them all again after the wedding, But I wasn’t bothered, she was my motivation and I was okay with just her, but strange things started happening in the house. The first event was when we both woke up to realize that our maid was killed, dismembered if u prefer that….

Max … #sits upright…. Dismembered?

Me … Yes max, dismembered, mutilated, whatever word best tickles your fancy, and it so happened her head was nowhere to be found. But i just assumed she was attacked by a wild animal of some sort and we got rid of the body.  But then even more weird things began to happen, there were a-lot of bloody clothes, blood on the walls and all that.

Max…*now visibly scared… Okay and what was the cause?

Me… Well max,  I found out one particular night when I couldn’t sleep, I just had a feeling someone was staring at me in my sleep, a cold stare, I looked up only to find my wife with one of my antique axes raised, I was able to roll off my bed just as she brought it down.
She had this happiness as she kept hitting where I supposedly slept as I watched in horror, She turned to look at me as I noticed something about her eyes, like she wasn’t normal, I CHARGED towards her as I tried to get the axe off her but her strength was unbelievable, she shoved me off effortlessly and for some reason she dropped the axe and went back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep obviously, I stayed up trynna understand what in blazes just happened

Max… *Now seemingly frightened….oh okay keep going he replied in a shaky voice

Me…. Well the painful part was that she didn’t even seem to remember anything that happened the night before, she woke up the next morning her usual chirpy self and even asked me why i looked so worn out, I looked at her in awe as I thought of what to do

Max…  okay then, so what did you do?

Me… Well obviously I called a shrink, i assumed she had a personality disorder of some sort, but he didn’t spend two minutes with her before he came out and said…

Max … said what?

Me … Well he said my wife was demented, and she belonged in an institute.  I refused to believe him obviously. but he said she derived joy in ruthless murder, and i better take her to one before she killed more people, he even threatened to report the case if I didn’t act quick, he said she lived for murder.

Max… *visibly shaking…. did you take her to the institute?

Me … Well max, I did try to, but that was the point my wife actually begun to drive me, Drive me to the point of utter madness, and after that things became a blur, I begun to put things in perspective when I heard the doctor was missing. Then it hit me, maybe my wife was actually demented and probably a cold blooded killer, All the blood, it all started making sense, it must have been from people she killed * max cuts me off

Max … Wait wait….why are you telling me this he said.*as he shuffled uncomfortably, Then isn’t a good thing she was kidnapped?

Me … relax max, that’s why I said it was amusing.  Those kidnappers are nothing, She is going to kill those people, and then she’s going to come home and.* max cuts me off as he gets up.

Max … *now really scared…  Then why in Pete’s sake did you call me here?

Me … I had to talk to some-one max, I needed someone I could trust, she is going to try to kill me again, I will need your help

MaxDude how do u expect us to fight off a super –strong psychopath? Why didn’t you just call the cops?

Me…. I will have a lot of questions to answer if I do max, please I need u, I said as I broke down in tears…* I looked at my watch, it was almost time, I needed to do something quick.

Max… Its okay he said, can I use your bathroom?

Me… I described it to him…..thou that wasn’t what I planned but it was going to do just fine…..
I knew he had gotten uncomfortable and was thinking of getting out of my house, I watched as he went up the stairs to the bathroom I directed him to and as expected I heard him scream in horror.
I waited for him at the edge of the stairs as he came running down;  Wha…what Was that? He asked? He stopped in time to notice I was trying to prevent him from leaving… He smartly jumped over the railings of the stairs and bolted for the door he came in through.

He opened the door in a haste and staring directly at him with a pick axe was my wife drenched in blood with those evil eyes, he looked between my wife and I as he made the obvious choice…

He ran towards me as I landed him a well timed jab to the chest which slowed him down and another one to his side, I felt his ribs crack as he went down, he gasped for air as he stared at me, a look of fear mixed with confusion and betrayal. He was trying so hard to understand….

I said calmly, I haven’t finished my story max; You see, When I realised my wife was demented, I realized I loved her even more so I had to create scenarios for her to use up her skills just for the fun of it…

As I was telling him this I saw my wife creep towards him with an awkward smile as she raised the axe above his head, a tiny scream escaped his mouth as the head flew off, years of practice had made her perfect with the axe…

She let out a cry of ecstasy as the blood splashed on us both; she kept on mutilating his lifeless body with the axe as she screamed in joy with every strike, I went towards her and hugged her as she simmered down…

I picked up max’s head dripping with blood as I continued talking, You see max I love my wife, When I realized she was demented or a psychopath like you said, I knew I had to help her, for her I would have become anything I said as I went up the stairs with his head and continued talking; I would have become anyone, I loved her, and I needed only her I said as I dropped his head among the vast collection of skulls and decomposing skulls.

I placed his head still dripping with blood on the spot I saved and asked; I believe in the concept of marriage, it is FOR BETTER OR WORSE right? And for her I have become my worst I guess.

Could I get any worse than I already am? I asked max only to be met by the cold blank stare, a stare I had seen many times over… this particular stare i saw in my brother’s eyes right before his head went off, I felt a pang of guilt when I noticed the look of betrayal still in his lifeless eyes, but only for a micro-second.


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3 thoughts on “For Better – For Worse

  1. wow! What a story…..bin a while since i have bin here,the story was quite cool and scary at the same work

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