Good afternoon folks… folks I mean people who actually read my blog + my rants and comment and love Me even more (0-o) …. Anyways moving on, *that perfect intro took me about 20mins to idealize* anyways I was reading something on a blog and actually got a sentence from it relating to this post of mine….but its lengthy as it is so I am gonna save u d trauma of adding additional lines..this particular post ..well more like a subtle argument…arggh just read d story..
I woke up that morning and went to the mirror to shave , I looked at my face which made me look older than my actual age,  I was shaving when I drifted off into the days when men were younger, when I could actually boast of having  friends, I drifted in thought about a funny incident we had.

In my younger years I used to have very good lads or friends or bros or whatever satisfactory word you would want to classify the unique brotherhood called friendship.

You see my lads and I did all together, we just four really good friends who went out for drinks and ladies during the majority of our bachelor lives.

Well there was this particular day we gathered round at my place for our usual drinks, one of my pals kept fiddling with the remote and we came across a movie station. The movie in summary was quite simple, a man was getting battered and beaten up by his wife till his family members came to intervene and succeeded in chasing the woman out.

We stared in disbelief as the woman pummelled her husband till he cried in shame, we laughed our brains out before we sat down to calculate and reason the possibility of such a scenario happening. We were fairly strong guys emotionally and physically so the thought of a man being beaten and violated by his wife seemed absurd and impossible. We had a good laugh about it till they left my crib.

When they left I reminisced about the argument I had in a previous relationship, I remembered telling her it wasn’t a good thing to beat women, and I for one would never lay my hands on a woman,  I told her some women could push a man to the point of laying his hands on her and that was the bone of one precisely long argument and the solution we both agreed upon at the end of the argument was that men who beat, and those who got beaten by their spouses were weaklings

In fact it was impossible and any man who could get battered by a lady wasn’t fit to be called a Man, society will never accept it, society would mock that kind of man. It was unheard off, in fact most of these men will never speak out, it was highly impossible

*But reality, society saw it like…

When a man beats a woman

Kill that coward….

And when a woman beats a man….

Look at that coward

I thought about how lucky I was when I met my wife….we were a bit younger then and was this simple and nothing close to romantic situation that made the whole thing even start…. You see I liked the fact that she was bold.

she loved taking bold steps, there was a particular plan she made up when meeting up was becoming tedious too tedious, she was being over watched and she cooked up a plan, she buzzed me and said okay I have come up with a plan on how we get to chill for a better part or d night ….

I replied; oh I see okay tell me about your plan…

Okay she replied; So, I normally sleep late, but I’ll tell my parents I am unusually tired and I have to retire early. Then I’d get dressed; put a teddy under the blanket, just in-case they open the door to check. Then I’d go through the window, it can’t be that high. Oh, but I’ll call you first, you had better not stand me up.

I laughed…it seems you have seen too many Hollywood movies I replied.

I am being serious here she said.

Okay, okay I replied; the teddy part got to me, I doubt the teddy bear part will work, you are in Nigeria now you know and how about the fence?

I am gonna scale it she replied, I laughed out at her joke of a plan….

But the next night, around 11-30pm precisely, she called to tell me she was outside waiting for me, it took me all the courage and prayers I knew to sneak out of mine.  That was how we started, that was where d feelings really begun to blossom, that was where I got love struck, that blissful night, I knew I was a lucky man and this was the woman I was gonna end up with …. We lost touch but I met her again later and you know the rest.

I was still thinking about my past life when I felt something cold splash on my body, I was taken aback by the shock and simmered down when I realised it was just my wife.

Yes my wife, my lovely wife, still holding the bucket of water she just offloaded on me she said; you douche, daydreaming again? You are pathetic!!  Have u done the dishes this morning? And Won’t I eat?

I said I was sorry as I swallowed the tiny resolve I had left and stood heading towards the kitchen.

I am sure you must be wondering how a sane man would have taken that right? And how that sweet girl I once knew became this venom yh? Well first you have to understand some- things, So Let me tell you a bit about my marriage.

You see when I met my wife again some years after we lost touch. Obviously she was the best thing that ever happened to me, asides from the fact that she was still very bold and daring, she pushed me to do the impossible, and life was fun with her. She also treated me right and was everything close to perfection.

She had become a rich Lady, rich parents, no liability, well educated, caring and all those minuscule things we look out for in a woman were right there staring with all four eyes.

Before I realized it I was sucked into the deep black whole I term my marriage. She was so perfect for me not to have taken that opportunity to keep her forever and ever.

All was well for the first few months, she hadn’t changed much it seemed….but I should have noticed changes due to the frequent fights we had, She broke things when angry, but couples fight I reassured myself, at least she was only breaking things right? She wasn’t hurting anyone, I said to myself in reassurance.

It got physical during one of our arguments when she threw the kettle at me, it grazed my lips as I bled and she knelt crying and screaming profusely, saying she was sorry promising heaven and earth and promising to change.  I should have found my way out then, things would have been easier but fortunately or should I say unfortunately she got pregnant and delivered a baby boy, my first child; our first child.

Things got worse one night when I came late from work, I ran my personal business which my wife and I opened together. She was a lawyer and her father was a judge with connections reaching even the president.

Being a lawyer she was responsible for all the legal aspects of the businesses and all our assets; another big mistake.

Anyway I came home abnormally late due to car issues…I couldn’t call in as my phone was dead.

I was able to get a cab after much effort and was glad to be home, but when I knocked the door was locked and she asked from the window where I was coming from, I was amused but still explained, she said my story wasn’t precise and told me to go back where I was coming from as she locked the window.

I was stunned obviously and I felt it was a joke I wasn’t finding funny, I waited for some minutes before I realized she wasn’t joking. I dropped all atom of coolness as I went ghetto, I am a fairly fit and strong man so I bashed the door with all the force I could muster, I was tired and hungry, but most importantly  I was in rage. I bashed the door and it gave in at the 5th try, I dropped my clothing and headed for where she was and shook her and warned her never to try that stunt in my house ever, it took grace not to hit her but then again I don’t hit women, I showered and I went to bed; I thought that was it, I was wrong.

I was so tired and pissed that I drifted off into slumber. I hadn’t slept for more than an hour before I felt a sharp pain on my testicles; I woke up and found my wife staring at me, holding my testicles with one hand and a knife with the other. I didn’t dare try anything funny because of the Look she had, i could feel blood oozing from where the knife laid, but I didn’t dare move, she warned me and said the next time I laid my hands on her, she was gonna make me less of a man; she said as she walked out.

I was shaken up after she left as I cleaned the sweat off my brows, I thought to myself; like really what was happening? The next few weeks were bloody, we kept having really serious arguments and I kept fighting for my rights, for my ego as a person and as a man.

I really tried to avoid getting physical but believe me  this woman was loco, she threw everything she could lay her hands on at me, she knew I was stronger but she was also senile in the usage of weapons, anything she could lay her hands on served as a viable weapon for her,  I was getting a lot of  bruises, i was running out of stories to tell of how I was getting injured, I was getting dented, my resolve was dying  and most importantly I was getting scared


Well things escalated this particular day when we went to a friend’s birthday party and I met a few friends and we talked at length leaving her out for a few moments.

on our way home she looked at me while driving and asked me the meaning of what I did and why I tried to spite her…I told her it was nothing as I kept driving.. She kept nagging about it and I told her to let me concentrate on my driving cos we were on the highway…..

The next thing I received was a slap, followed by another and another.  The car swerved as i lost control and it headed towards an oncoming trailer, I struggled to keep the car steady and barely managed to get it to a halt and that was when. I lost it.. I got out the car and dragged her out and landed her two decent slaps for trying to kill us both.

Now this was my mistake, this was where I actually begun to suffer. You see this woman was a screamer. When I touched her she let out a piercing scream that even the dead could have heard.

A military checkpoint was nearby and some of the soldiers ran over on hearing her scream. They descended on me before I could even say what happened, I was beaten to a pulp. I Thought my situation couldn’t get any worse when I head her exchanging greetings with one of them, seemed they were friends and he bought every detail about the story of how I had been violating her physically since the beginning of our marriage. I tried opposing but I was given another slap for interfering.

Well things got even way worse because she was allowed to drive home while I was detained and made to do frog jumps throughout the night. I was released early in the morning as I was left to find my way back home…

I was able to get home after much stress, only to get home and I was locked out again, and this time from the main gate.  I sat down and I wept.  I knew what I had to do, I was gonna get a divorce, I had  only put up for this long because of my child But if I stayed any longer I would probably  kill her or get killed.

I told her the next day I was getting a divorce and she said it was fine, I was glad it was so easy or was it? I woke up that night to hear my baby wailing. I grumbled as I went out to see what was happening.

I saw her with a teary eye and a smirk on the face holding our baby from the Leg and her with the knife as she asked; you were planning on a divorce? I tried replying but she said; if u divorce me I will get custody of the baby.  I can generate witnesses to testify u are a wife beater and if you leave I will make sure I kill this baby and believe me i will get away with it.

I will make your life a living hell even after the baby is dead, in case you don’t realize it you have nothing, all the businesses and assets are in my name…if u leave me you will be left with nothing, I will make sure you do not get a penny, You only have the account we share together so i know you have no money dear, I do not love you but you are mine, and you leave when i am done with you dear…

Face it u are stuck here. I heaved out a breath as i quickly analysed the precarious situation i was in. I told her not to worry, already deciding in my mind I was gonna take my baby and run away when I heard her say I told some policemen you were trynna kidnap my son, don’t try anything funny or u would b found. I will make sure YOU are wrecked.

I sat down thinking about my dilemma…who was I going to tell? I was gonna seem weak and nobody was even gonna believe me, I can’t even  take her to court because my story wasn’t going to hold and I would have lost  woefully anyway, i had no friends anymore, she made sure she isolated my bros from my life. i had even lost touch with them, in reality I was stuck  with this woman.

If I leave her with my child he’s going to die and I am going to suffer.

I have analysed every possible scenario and I have come up with only one option, I am going to kill this woman, with the last drop of manhood I have left.

If you are LISTENING TO THIS, I MUST have killed my wife and I have no regrets, at least then my son will be safe with our parents.

I am a battered man but I refuse to live the rest of my life as a weakling of a man.

THE tape stops as I replayed it again as I summoned courage, this time I was ready, I didn’t have any terrific plan, I already bought a gun, and I was going to shoot her in her sleep..

I looked up at the clock, it was just a minute past 12, she was bound to be asleep by now, she was a terrible sleeper, I picked the gun and went into her room where she slept, I looked at her sleeping so peacefully, why do people especially  evil and venomous people look like saints I their sleep I wondered, I thought about all the bad things and raised the gun as I tried to pull the trigger, I still couldn’t do it, I still couldn’t, with all the suffering I still couldn’t.

I probably had no fight left in me I thought as I walked back to my room. You see this was precisely the 7th time I tried killing her this month, and I haven’t been able to, Maybe somewhere inside she’s still the sweet girl I met? Maybe she hits me cos she loves me? Maybe she was mean to me cos she didn’t want to lose me? No I shook my head in disagreement as I was starting to actually believe the lies I told myself. I wasn’t even man enough to pull the trigger, I told myself; I will try again tomorrow and this time I will be ready, I will finally do it I thought to myself as I shook my head, actually believing that lie. I am a battered man, but believe me I am no weakling….


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11 thoughts on “Battered

  1. Nice one!…she was still bold even in the marriage tho’, you think just anyone would threaten to kill a baby just to keep you? lol…*I loved the teddy bear part*

  2. Lol…nice piece, and nice pics…but if I were that guy, I would hire a professional killer/hired assasin to kill her and make it look like an ancident…shikena! 😀

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