Alicia- Part Twoish

No rants today …if u missed the previous episode click the link below
alicia part oneish

Henry … hold on let me buy you another drink

Okay okay fine, lemme continue

Well i started trying to become the man i once was, it was a tedious endeavour but the thing is when you have an epiphany even if just once, you realize and begin to understand how stupid you were before then.

I finally played the game, she became my game. My first point of call was getting rid of everything Alicia, I rearranged my house, took out all those disgusting female deco that made the house ooze of her presence, moved all her shit to a spare room then called up one of my former girlfriends, we partied hard and one thing led to another..

That little chain of  events got me my esteem back to an extent, and from there things became a roller coaster ride, well obviously she noticed the changes…

Henry let me skip a bit, you know even the women who are players end up falling for a guy, well you just have to outplay the player

Henry – I see…. what happened next?

I made her leave the other dude obviously, i didn’t even want to know who the freak he was and before she knew what was up she was eating from my palms.. she genuinely fell for me, and i made her feel like she was the only woman in the world, I made her feel like perfection, the emotional connection we had was unbreakable, I treated her like the queen she deserved to be and at the same time I became her man, rather the Man

The egoistic man that could be mistaken for a misogynist who had taken over gave her a seductive smile as I knelt down to ask her to marry me, I could see the genuine joy in her eyes when she said yes…. I realized every one could change, revenge was pointless and I saw I really loved this woman just as much as she loved me.

We started preparations for the wedding, boy those things are tedious. Her family agreed to sponsor the wedding, from the food, to invitation of guests and so on, all I had to get for Alicia was a unique wedding gown because I never wanted her to forget our wedding for ever and ever, we planned everything to the tiniest bit.
It was going to be a remarkable union…

Well days went really fast, we hung out the night before our wedding and i just knew this was the woman I loved and I made sure she knew it ….

We parted ways because it was bad luck to see the bride in her dress on the day before she walks up the alter.

By 4am of the wedding day, of our wedding day, the egoistical man I was spoke to me saying it was time; it was time for us to get payback… I got up and took a few things, I needed a vacation anyway, I got my stuff ready and waited to be sure everybody had gathered at the wedding  venue, I reassured everyone I was on my way, then I got into my vehicle and drove to the airport for my long needed vacation..

Henry … wait wait? What happened to Alicia? How about your wedding?

Ha-ha …. Henry are you stupid? Men like me don’t get married, ever.  Why on earth would do you now think I would have gotten married to that manipulative psycho-biatch? It was all part of the plan son, and the money she and I saved aside was very helpful in my vacation….

Henry… wow mehn, you must have had a heart of steel… you seem a bit tipsy, common, let me drop you off at your crib, i will drive while you complete the story, what’s the address?

A secret you should learn is this; with women never use your heart. You are a nice lad you know? I won’t mind showing you the way, you can have as many women as you want if i teach you i said as we headed into the car.

Anyway, at a point i almost felt I could get married to her..

Henry – then why didn’t you?

Well i guess it was just an ego thing, anyway on the day of the wedding after I had left, i called her and told her i hoped she died in misery, and i have never seen her since then, and no i do not care, i have a new girlfriend now and i am very happy..

Henry – aren’t you worried about karma??? *as he parks in front of the house.

Ha-ha henry karma is for the feeble minded, i was her karma, she deserved what she got…he said trying to unfasten his seat belt.

Henry – oh did she by any chance mention her brother?

yeah she did, Moses i presume? Heard he was in jail for murder, stupid family if you ask me… Why? And how do you even know that?

Well says henry, his full name was Moses Baraka Henry, as he pulls out a 12inch stiletto, I just got out last year, and now I would like to complete your story you dumbass.

I was let out a few days before the wedding, she wanted to surprise you that’s why I wasn’t introduced, I was at the venue along with a bunch of other guests when you called my sister, after you dropped the call she collapsed on the alter, she was rushed to the hospital but the force from which she hit her head when she fell made her bleed internally, the doctors tried everything to save her but I guess she didn’t even have the will to live…she didn’t deserve to die, you could have just broken up with her, but no you had to go the extra mile.

I only decided to meet up with you to find out what happened from your end. But it seems you are just a sadistic human.

The man who let his sister die kept looking  at the stiletto as he struggled to unhook the seat belt, he looked like fear was something he had never really experienced, his  pride never let him get scared, he wanted to run, then he figured henry  must have planned it for a while, and just as he was about to start screaming his head off he hears his inner man say, just be a man, we’ve had a good run, we end this with pride. He looks at henry as he smiled in understanding at what he felt he had to do.

Henry looks at the man with a puzzled face, for once he understood what his sister meant by him being an extremely arrogant man, even with death staring at his face, he still stood strong and firm, with a gallant and cocky smile on his face, all pride and no fear like death was just another girl he had to conquer. . .

This made Henry mad, he decided his stupid smile was the first he was getting rid of, he shook his head as he dug the stiletto with precision into his mouth, the man  gagged and spewed out blood as henry  pulled out the stiletto and dug it again with precision, into his stone cold heart…

And even as he lived his final seconds the cockiness in his eyes was all henry could see..

Henry made an angry grunt as he opened the door, pressed a button underneath his seat that let go of the seatbelt and with his legs he pushed the lifeless body to the sidewalk where he felt the man belonged.. And even as he drove off , his rage refused to diminish because all he could see form his rear mirror was the body of a man who stood high and mighty even in death.

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