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And Boom… I am back

Happy New Year people, Merry Xmas in arrears,  happy birthdays to those I missed, happy Easter in advance and yes I still exist.
So I have been MIA and for those that didn’t notice.. Biko ignore and move on.
Anyways I wrote one post recently and you can check it out on the Tecno forum link below –

And just because I know some of y’all are too lazy to go read there, I am still gonna be benevolent enough to share here,  so read, comment and enjoy.

Where were you on the 4th of September? The prosecuting lawyer asked her again, the woman being prosecuted looked to the floor with misty eyes as people began to whisper in court, the judge angrily stomped with his hammer screaming Order, order, explaining how he was going to charge us with contempt and clear the court, he faced the woman and said angrily, answer the question please.

She looked up at him again and faced the audience, those piercing eyes of hers located mine and for a brief moment I saw a little sign of happiness, then disappointment, and finally understanding and with a teary eye she faced the floor as she had no reply for the judge. 

The prosecuting lawyer said with a smile, No further questions your honour, as he went back to his seat. People wondered as to why she refused to answer the question, she was being charged for murder and she had pleaded not guilty, she said she wasn’t home when her husband died, but she didn’t have an alibi as to where she was, neither did she agree to tell anyone where she was, and this screamed guilt. 

You see everyone else wondered where she was, but I knew, she was with me that night, and I remember because it was the only night we ever spent together completely.

I wanted to stand up and defend her, but you see the situation was more complex than it seemed. You see, I happen to be a married man, and my wife was beside me in court, if it were just my marriage at stake, I would have gotten up without hesitation, But I was also a pastor, in fact I was the general overseer of one of the largest churches, the woman on trial was the head usher of my church, and that was why the court was filled up to the brim, because most of our members came to show support for her, but what they didn’t all know was the fact that I committed adultery with this woman, and her name was Rosa.

I drifted in thought as to how it all begun, you see I wasn’t a bad looking person, I know how I toiled to get my church to where it was, I got married at the age of 25, and I never looked back once, my wife was beautiful in her own right, but we were not in love, well I wasn’t, but she was a good support system and she toiled with me to achieve my goals, and through thick and thin we persevered and 30years later I had one of the biggest churches in the country. 

I had temptations here and there from women because of my position, but I never for once faltered , till this year, just once and now it’s back to bite me.

I normally counselled couples, and divorcees every weekend, people booked appointments ahead especially when they had issues in marriages and in life generally.

In doing this I have heard a lot of stories, most times more than I can handle, but the lord gave me strength to not judge, to listen and to give valuable advice especially to the big wigs in the society who attended my church. 

One day as I was given my usual list of people by my secretary, I saw her name on my list and I grew inquisitive because I saw stated there that she was also our head usher, I never notice those things because overtime it was hard to keep count of all members, and we had to delegate these, I asked my secretary to send her in, as I continued reading my bible, when she came in, the mild whiff of strawberry was the first thing I perceived, I love strawberry by the way. 

I looked up expecting to see a moderately old woman but what I saw had me taken aback, for the first time in years I actually looked at a woman, she was tall, I used to love tall girls, she wore a loose blouse but that couldn’t hide how defined her body was as I was still able to pan out her well defined features, my heart skipped as I looked at her face, she had deep blue cat eyes, eyes that looked like they understood my every move, her hair moved almost like in slow-motion as the industrial air condition blew in her direction , my lord she had very long hair, I was about to speak when I looked at her lips, and that weakened me as I lost my voice. 

The tension in the air was so obvious, anyone who came into the office at that moment would have believed we were having an affair, with a little struggle I forced my voice out as I told her to sit.

She started speaking about her issues but believe me I couldn’t concentrate, the room became hotter than it was as I stared at her, I couldn’t hear anything except my heartbeat and my breathing pattern, dear lord why did you make women so pretty, I don’t know how long I must have stared but I only came to when she said she was done, I didn’t hear anything per say so I told her to come again tomorrow as I would know what to do. 

I prayed that night for strength to do and say the right thing. 

She came over the next day and I tried to listen this time, basically she felt nothing for her husband whom she married because she got pregnant, and after the marriage she had a miscarriage. 

Her husband changed after that and he definitely made her suffer because he didn’t want to get married either as they were both forced by their parents who didn’t want to be the laughing stock of the community. 

So here was a broken sexy and sensuous Christian woman in a bad relationship with a battered mind. 

This world wasn’t fair I wondered, good people always suffered.

I advised her and gave her my personal number to call me at any time if she had issues. That was my mistake because as she walked out of my office, I knew I had fallen. 

Over the following weeks, I kept looking for her anytime I was in the auditorium, but I resisted the urge to send my secretary to find her. 

I saw her in my dreams, I saw her figure everywhere, I prayed about it, but I knew I wanted to be with her, I wanted to be there for her, I wanted to hold her and tell her it was alright. 

One day I got a call, and immediately I heard her voice I knew who it was, she was in tears as she told me what had happened, her husband beat her up and locked her out, she was scared, it was 1am, she had no one else to call, she had no friends, her husband saw to that. 

I dressed up and took one of the cars, it was a 1hour drive, I found her sitting close to a gutter in tears, my heart bled for her as I picked her up, I hugged her and she cried to her satisfaction, on my arms, for a moment no one said anything, no one spoke, I could hear her heart beat thou, it was steady, then it became fast as I could feel the warmth from her body, I could smell strawberry, oh how I loved strawberry, still no one spoke, I let her off my embrace and I asked to go lodge her in an hotel as I needed to get back home and she nodded, her hair was in disarray as some of it covered her face, I used my hands to brush them aside, and then I saw the lips, oh how I wanted to kiss those lips, but again I resisted, my heart cried, I wanted her, I needed her but I kept those evil desires in check 

I found a decent hotel and lodged her into the best suite.,I made sure she was comfy and was about heading out when I felt her hand hold mine, I looked back at her as she murmured a thank you and hugged me, I could feel her heart beat unsteadily, both our hearts making a tune together, I wanted her badly, and I was at my limit, she looked at me with those blue eyes and told me no man had ever been nice to her, and her eyes became teary, that was where I broke as I gently pulled her close and kissed her, she didn’t resist, I wanted to stop but I couldn’t, and before I knew what happened we were on the bed as we continued till we both cried in ecstasy.

When we were done no one said a thing, and again I saw understanding in her eyes, she said thank you as we both dressed up, it was 7am already, we both didn’t get much sleep, I decided to go drop her home, and help her speak to her husband, we got to the front of her house and a few moments later a few tough looking mobile policemen came out of the house and arrested her.

I drifted out of thought as I heard the prosecuting lawyer saying how guilty she was and how she killed her husband, this woman was willing to go to jail for me and probably be hung, this was the only woman I LOVED no matter how brief it was, I was the only one who could save her but she was giving me the choice to have a life, the choice to live my life, she understood my predicament, and she didn’t even involve my name, I was her perfect alibi, I could set her free, and yet she was going to die, in my books that was Loyalty the only thing almost as great love and before I could stop myself, asif controlled by my body and souI, damning all the repercussions got up screaming at the top of my lungs……


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