I stared at her with teary eyes as she dropped the money on the table. This is half of my pocket money she said, just get some foodstuffs and use the rest for your transport, I will be fine and I know you will get the job tomorrow. I believe in you.  I will ask my dad for more she said.

For once in a very long time, I was ashamed and confused; Okay granted I was a bit handsome, tall and funny but asides that I had no inkling as to why she stayed with me. I was an orphan, living in a shabby lone room apartment, with no freaking job, and before you start thinking I haven’t tried, let me tell you a bit of how I got where I was.

I have begged, struggled and done every mundane job you could ever think of, but for some reason I haven’t been able to break even. I lost my parents when I was precisely 15.

Exactly on my 15th birthday, they were on their way to pay me a surprise visit in school along with my twin sisters, when they had a break failure. They car crashed unto a truck and exploded.

The sad part was that even their ashes could not be salvaged. It was a devastating period for me, understandably none of my relatives wanted me because to them, I was the worst kind of luck.

I was left to fend for myself, as I carried the baggage in believing I was bad luck. All that changed when I met her, her name was Diana, and she became my own good luck. I was working as a school bus driver when I saw her walking by; thankfully I was done dropping off students. Usually I don’t chase girls cos you know, I have no money and all, and really I wasn’t just interested.

But when I saw her walking down, our eyes met for a brief moment and the look she gave me made it feel everything was going to be fine, for that brief moment it became clear, for that brief moment it seemed everything was actually fine, she looked away as I moved on. I made an internal decision to go after her, regardless of the outcome, I mean how many girls were going to listen to a bus driver?

I found a suitable place to park as I ran back to where she walked towards, thankfully she moved slowly, I caught up with her as I tapped her to ask for her number. 

Damn her hands felt so soft, I sized her up briefly, and I really noticed how pretty she was, as I considered there was no way she was going to give me her number, she had dark brown eyes, which were catlike when u look closely, eyes that never lied.

Her lips?  Dear heavens, so, so pink and perfectly shaped. Damn I could have kissed her there.

She got me out of my trance when she asked; how may I help you? I realized her voice could melt even the rockiest of hearts, it was so sweet it instantaneously built a lump around my throat.

I cleared up my clogged throat and I asked for her number, she looked at me with interest and asked for my name, Daniel I said.

She looked at me for a few more minutes as she briefly smiled, damn her smile was appealing, she looked at me with that smile and said No, as she began walking away.

Common I said, I assure you I won’t become a stalker. I am also a very good conversationalist. She looked at me and replied: Okay then, open up your ears, I won’t call it out more than once. 080——. The way I crammed that number was amazing. If only I was that intelligent in school.

After that, the rest was a breeze. We spoke sparingly at first, then sparingly became every minute. Every minute became every hour, till she became an immovable part of my day. I realized we had a lot of things in common.

In fact, we were simply the same person, the only difference was that she was a girl. Obviously after that, falling in love became extremely easy. Damn I love this woman”


Babe. Babe.. Babe.. I heard a familiar voice say as I came out of my mini dream. I looked at this girl who had nothing but love and perhaps sadness in her eyes for me. Perhaps I was not meant to understand why she did love me. All I knew was, I needed to make it right. I needed to make her happy and even if it kills me, she is mine to care for.

She came close and kissed me as she took her leave. Damn, those lips, they never changed. I saw her off and began brainstorming. I needed this job. There was no way I was going to keep living off the woman I love. I had to make her proud and happy.

The interview day was the usual, I left feeling dejected. Like what kind of bad luck do I even have? Diana kept calling even while I was in there. I presumed it was to see how it went, but I was too dejected to pick up.

Almost before I got home, another number called. Damn Diana, so resilient a woman. I am sure she realized I was avoiding her. Sigh, why the hell does she love me so??

I picked the call and heard the voice of someone else. Hello, am I on to Daniel? Ye-Yes, you are I managed to mumble. The voice at the other end said, you just came for an interview at our office and I am glad to tell say you were the best candidate we had.

The salary is JUST 800k without allowance. Is that fine by you?  At this point I could barely hear anything else but my heartbeat.  I managed to mumble a Yes and hear the remainder of the conversation. I was to begin the next week.

Imagine my Joy. I rushed to call Diana, She would be so elated. Finally, she gets to enjoy her effort. It rang for longer than usual before a cold male voice responded.

Who is this I said? He replied, you are Daniel I presume? Yes, I muttered and for a minute I could hear the silence at the other end. I guess Diana did not tell you he said? Tell me what I replied?

He said in a stone cold voice with just a glint of pain, I am her father, Diana was suffering from a terminal illness. She passed on this morning, I believe she tried to reach out to you, she held on as long as she could to speak to you……….


Learn to cherish the ones by your side because in as quick as a second it can all change and you would be alone – Peter 2018

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