peterTake a shot, do something different 2day because it just might end up being a remarkable story”. peter2013

Welcome to my Blog Dear Reader, my Name is PETER(obviously)graduate of one very prestigious university(go figure) and i love stories, i love LOVE(too much INDIAN movies- Yeah sue me) and i probably love every song you don’t-YES, including ONE of tonto dikehz song #emphasis on ONE, and yeah the fact that i like it scares me. I started writing because i was challenged actually(Also BOREDOM tends to bring out some remarkable talents in people) my MAJOR style of writing is very simple, i take part of my daily life and use a LIL fiction(LIE) to end it the way i would have loved it to end, i could keep going with that but it might get boring yeah……………….so here is my story, the BETA version to be precise(You may choose to believe it or not but it actually happened..)

There was this particular day i was singing to myself, in my bathroom and my friends told me i was a great singer, i believed it and decided to go sing in-front of my church, i was singing happily till some-one gracefully threw a shoe @me-that was the day i realized i couldn’t sing jack, and singing wasn’t my calling…(shame to friends who keep deceiving their fellow friend till he does something crazy)
Then a revelation made me notice i could do something better than singing, when i was trying to woo this girl in particular, she was a very DIFFICULT one- i tried everything and every-line i could think of but she refused, until i told her a LOVE story under the rain and she seemed to like it, blush a lot and even peck mi- dunno if it was coz of the cold she was shivering and IF i mistook her shivering for blushing, AND if she was tryyna tell me something and i pushed my cheeks towards her lips, but WHO cares i wooed her and i am good…(Yeah i am hopelessly romantic)that was the day i knew i had stories in my head-and from the kindness of my heart i wanna share my stories with you-(believe it or not that is how and why i started writing+ laughing alone in my room at my stories was beginning to make every-one at home scared ) #note that one hater told me i was a POOR narrator! in your face bro! i guess you dint know i was a good liar( ˘˘̯)# anyway i decided to stick to what i felt i could do better than singing-LYING, formulating stories, making peeps blush, learning, having fun and putting smiles on the faces of beautiful ladies(much love) and handsome guyz(#NO HOMO)all @the same time – pheww jez READ the storiez-

And when your done reading KINDLY- SHARE, FOLLOW or COMMENT-apparently there is love in sharing, don’t be a GHOST READER! Don’t just read laugh and vanish, do any or all of the above, lemmie know if you have suggestions, if there’s anything i can improve on, share n share again if you Like the story, and do fllw the blog coz you definitely would wanna keep in touch-do one of them, it won’t take more than a minute of your Wonderful time—– PETERBRAKLI’S BLOG


fflw @peternkul

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