STAR-FIRE Final Episode…

So I woke up this morning about to go to church, fully dressed and all, and that is when one sexy rain decided to fall..Lol devil is a liar I said to myself as I sat down…there was no light n nothing to do so I decided to complete my story#n I still went to church o in-case the evil peeps among u who stabbed service are wondering, I prayed for you all…..

So final episode… This is a bit lengthy so if u have issues with reading just read a word a day n you will be done before u know it \a/

So If u missed d previous episodes the links are available below

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And finally #drumroll and for the local peeps among you gehngehn gehngehn …last episode


We were talking and finalizing our plans when a shot went through Bruce, a slug went through his head and spilled his brains on  the plans and the walls beside him, I took about 4seconds to understand what had happened as I stared at the empty space where his head used to be, I was brought back from my shock by the screams of Natasha, I quickly dragged her and ducked into cover, he had come but he had come a day early, he had the element of surprise on us….

I was analyzing, Bruce was dead, star-fire was using a sniper rifle, I motioned to one of the men to switch off the lights, to make it more difficult for him to hit any more of us, I tapped the men and in understanding they all crawled out to their various positions.

I held her close to me and consoled her, I gave her the Uzi and reminded her of what I said; just point and hold down the trigger, and i locked the door and stayed close to it…
We were there for about 5mins and I heard no sound, it was so quiet in the compound, I looked out the window and I could see nothing, it was so dark, where was he going to come from? I thought. He had only one point of entry which was guarded by one of the guys there and I stayed at the door upstairs, it was so amazing how fast the mind could work when in danger,  I put my ears on the door and waited, just  then I heard a cry of pain and the sound of a gun, it was just a burst from a Uzi..

sheez… I thought to myself;  he was inside already, I picked a grenade from the ones Bruce gave to me and silently opened the door, I couldn’t see a thing, it was dark and silent down there, I just threw the grenade down the stairs, I did that and ducked into cover, the explosion from the grenade was exhilarating, it rocked the foundation of the building and reminded me of my days in the army….

Before I could get out of cover I heard a Uzi go off, I stood up and noticed Natasha at the door and she kept shooting without stopping, she let it go on until she ran out of ammo…. The sound was deafening….. It took me about a minute to get back my bearing, I crawled towards her and pulled her away from the door…..

I told her to stay put and I went to peep, I shouldn’t have left her, because as soon as I went through the door I heard her scream, I ran back in and flicked on the lights……

He already had her, and in his hands he had a pistol pointed at her head…… ha-ha, he laughed, good one mate, this is the most fun I have had in years, you even grazed me he said, Now put the gun down will you, except you like me to create a painting with her brains?

I looked at him, I couldn’t see his face, he was hidden behind that mask that was so well known, but something about his voice told me he wasn’t bluffing, I dropped my gun slowly and looked at him….I had time to study him as I dropped the weapon, I couldn’t kid myself , he was a rather large and highly fit man.. I had seen my share of large enemies in my days but this man in particular was a bit intimidating…. Well I could manage to take him..I thought

When he said something about fun, i realized the kind of person i was dealing with and decided to push my luck and said to him; if you do like fun, why don’t you drop the gun and show what you are made of?

He replied; with pleasure mate, as soon as he had said that he hit her with the butt of the pistol and dropped it on the floor simultaneously as he charged towards me, he had the element of surprise because his  speed was extreme as I did not see that one coming, he was too fast for me, even though I tried to duck, he landed a punch to my face that made me stagger to the door, I threw my left fist at him viscously as he ducked without any effort, he landed me some painfully quick jabs below my chest. I tasted the blood in my mouth as I thew a haymaker using my left fists and all the strength I could summon…. The punch was packed as I felt my knuckles cackle as it made an impact… But he didn’t even flinch, it was like hitting a Jaw made of granite… He returned the favour with his right fist as I spewed out blood and fell to the ground, he was on top of me before I could gather my strength…

Is this what you call fun mate he said in a mocking voice, as he kept on landing me punches on my face.
I was beginning to feel week, the difference in strength was just too drastic, I heard him say;  well, you die now, and i will make sure u suffer as you do, then I focus on her again, he put his hands on my neck, they felt like a metal clamp, and it was like my brains were going to spill out of my ears, he removed his left hands and brought out a knife with a speed I couldn’t understand, I could see my life ending before me, and I was sad because I couldn’t protect Natasha, I was going to fail her again, and that left me depressed, is this how I was gonna die? With all my days fighting In the army and as a mercenary? I was gonna did a pathetic death, and that made me even worse.. he was about to stab me on the throat when I heard a voice say drop the knife, he looked back but I couldn’t deny it was unmistakably Natasha’s voice… I managed to raise my head weakly to see her up on her feet, there was a lot of blood oozing from the side of her head..
Still with star-fire’s pistol pointed at him, and with dead cold eyes she repeated it again, he looked at me with viciousness in his eyes, I had seen that look before, the look of a man without fear, I screamed at her to shoot, but I was too late, just as the shot went off to his back, he let the knife go with the same force and speed, I heard the gun go off again as she gagged in pain, star-fire turned his head back at me with those vicious eyes, his mask was the last thing I saw as I drifted into darkness…

I started hearing voices as I was beginning to come to, they are all dead  a voice said, seems like star-fire, I think he is dead too, finally another voice said, good riddance.. I am glad I didnt have to face him a voice said..

I groaned as I pushed off star-fires body where he laid lifelessly on me,  I crawled towards Natasha and checked if she was still alive, she looked white  with his  knife stuck in her throat  and  her green eyes open lifelessly, there was no way she could have survived, she died protecting me instead, such an irony I thought to myself;  I  felt my pockets and dropped the weapons, I was about to drop the grenade when I heard a voice say freeze; do not move, the voice said star-fire Is here I have him, he said that as three other cops came rushing up, freeze buddy they said as they pointed their weapons, slowly take of the mask and put your hands behind your head!!!

Mask I thought to myself, I felt my face with my hands, shit I didn’t even realize it, he put the mask on my face before he died, I looked at the cops, I knew two of them, they knew me in the town I thought to myself as I said I am not star-fire I said that as I removed the mask, if I had known better I would have left it on , I told them it was me, one of the cops said; rauf?? I knew there was something spooky about that guy, put your hands up rauf, I realized what was happening, I wasn’t talking my way out of this one, even in death star-fire still made one last game, he really was going to make suffer, he must have known he was going to die before he put the mask on my face; and what better to make me suffer by making me star-fire. The voice of one of the cops got me out of thoughts as he said; put your hands up….i felt the grenade in my hands as I removed the pin, I counted the seconds in my head, I needed just enough time to escape, I sighted the window and decided to go for it, my plan was laid out in my head, and i replied; I am not star-fire,  one of the cops came towards me I dropped the grenade behind me…..

He heard the sound and asked; what was that..sheez grenade he said… as he ran ducking, the other cops fired some shots at me as I dived out the window. I had barely jumped when the explosion rocked the building, I landed on one of the police cars, I took about a minute to recover, I was still holding the mask as I dug it into my pockets , and ran into the darkness….

I ran and never stopped running, I couldn’t even grieve for her death, one of the cops survived and before I knew it my pictures and description had been circulated to every city and every town, removing the mask in that house was my most fatal mistake, I was a wanted man, and I had to stay in the shadows, my life was over, there was nothing to live for anymore, the assassin wrecked my life…. I kept running and I have never stopped….

My name is Rauf-merca, forever branded to be hunted down with the name STAR-FIRE
The end


Jake slipped to his house as he threw his coat to his hanger as he walked towards his sitting room, their operations had being stalled, the town was filled with cops after the star-fire incident, he had run far away from that town when he heard rauf survived, and he was being hunted down as star-fire

As he went to turn on the light, he had a sensational feeling someone watching him, he switched on the light and stiffened in fright when he saw the intimidating man on his arm chair with a gun pointed at him, he shrunk in fear when he saw the mask, and the voice made him shiver in fright..

Now Jake the voice said; you had better start talking; there was something cold about this voice..for some reason he shivered, and he knew at this very moment he was screwed……………..

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STAR-FIRE Episode 6

Okay so we r almost done, pheew- anyways for those of u who hoard ur comments, n buzz me on bbm- I will honestly ban u soon enuf – \c/ – yeah I can do that……just leave ur comments so I can know watsup… If u like or u don’t like lemmie know……and for grammatical errors #emmm in my defence I wrote this half asleep….

So If u missed the previous episode click d link below
Episode 5


The man called star-fire watched as they reacted to the death of one of the men, he had a clear shot of them all, including his two targets, he liked calling his marks targets refusing to get familiar with names, targets just seemed easier and less attached, so he just picked one of the newcomers and took his shot, this was a warning shot, he just wanted them to know it had begun and he was coming.

He liked making every job  he got more fun and challenging than the former, so he set up situations to make it more challenging, he whistled to himself  happily as he  packed up his sniper rifle and scope….

When he had gotten this job it seemed so amusing, when he had gotten to the town he knew it was going to be an easy one, he had watched them for over a month before he struck, they lived in a large compound alone, he watched them as they followed the same routine every other day, and those kind of targets in his line of job were the easiest… he always called them bonus jobs….

It hadn’t been hard, tailing them was even easier, they kept moving about unaware of the fact that their lives were in danger, it was funny; he thought to himself, he could have dropped them anytime he wanted but then what was the fun in that? He loved a challenge and to him his job was a game and he was determined to make this particular job a challenging game for his sadistic killing methods, in time he noticed his target loved this lady, he thought of taking her out first so as to make his target agitated …

He reminisced on how he waited for Friday night when the male target usually went out to gamble, that was the only day the female target was actually totally alone, he waited till the target had gone for about 30mins before he slipped out of the building he was, he put on dark clothing’s so moving in the dark was going to be easier, he slipped into the dark corners of the buildings, if someone had been watching him, he would have looked like nothing more than a moving shadow. Moving like this was the reason he was still alive and was the best in the trade, he quickly got to her compound and stuck to the shadows provided by the tress and grasses, he shook his head silently, large compounds like this made assassination easier, he looked around the quiet building and decided to go through the main door which was left open, he planted mics round the houses when he got in, when he was done,  he slipped into her room when she was bathing and stayed inside a man-hole used for electric repairs in the ceiling….

Star-fire waited looking interested, waiting was not a problem for him, he had a lot of patience, he had waited for days in awkward places before taking out his target, so this was nothing, the heat in the man-hole was extreme, he cleaned his brows patiently as he waited and planned exactly how he was going to kill her.

He brought out his knife thinking of the best ways to handle her n make it as bloody as possible, but then she came of the bathroom putting on a sensational gown, and that was where he lost control, she looked so beautiful, really beautiful, he found himself losing control … such a waste he thought to himself … then he heard her calling the male target and ask him to come home, he knew he had to hurry up and make a decision on what to do to her..

Then he reasoned and came up with a more sadistic way to make them suffer.

She had just finished making the call and was waiting and smiling ….. She was obviously in her own world when he slipped down form where he was with his knife, her eyes were closed until  he placed his knife on her lips and warned her not to scream.  But then he fell for the temptation, it was too much for him, and he had his way with her, when he was done I told her he was star- fire, and to tell him he was coming for them…… she just laid there crying as he walked back into the darkness…

Star-fire went into his room where he had a good view and listened to their conversations, he cursed himself for losing control but the situation swayed to his favor, the usual happiness they had was no longer there, he wasn’t bothered, the man seemed to be getting angrier each day, and the girl was starting to become unattractive

He stayed UP in his room and listened to them try getting past what happened.  He was beginning to get restless when he saw his male target going out one night and he followed him silently, star-fire used the roofs to move swiftly, quietly and unnoticed. This guy was making himself such an easy target, It was a miracle he fought off the urge to drop him, he thought to himself.

Star-fire noticed three men come out of the shadows behind his TARGET, and he shook his head in disappointment as one of them landed the shovel on his target, he decided to tail them and make sure they didn’t kill his target; he wasn’t going to lose the pleasure of that to some amateurs …

He had a clear view of them and almost took the assailants down twice, but he was surprised by the way his target handled himself, he was impressed and thought to himself; this game might still be fun after all. 
Star-fire was more elated when his target called for help. He noticed the one he called Bruce was a good friend of his target from the way they related, he was the one star-fire decided he was going to use as a warning…
He had settled in his room and listened to their boring plans, he set up his dragunov sniper rifle with a long range telescopic sight and fixed in his silencer, he had a very clear shot of all his targets, he was about to take my shot when one of his main targets opened the window, he shook my head and said to himself; idiot, seems your death has been written, he steadied his aim with Bruce’s head in view and he pulled the trigger.

HE watched in satisfaction Bruce’s brain splattered on the wall…. Their reaction made him even more impressed, the girl screamed in shock but she was lucky her boyfriend pulled her out of sight, the others followed suit, and the lights were switched off….. He shook his head as he thought; they just saved him the stress of cutting out the power……
He listened in on his planted mics in the house as they all hurried to their various positions, positions which he already knew like the back of my hands, they should have stayed together he thought to myself as he carefully wiped his prints off the sniper, packaged it and picked out his hunting knife, some throwing knives and his pistol fitted with a silencer, he decided he was going light, he was going to have fun…..

Star-fire  carefully slipped into his  dark clothes and put on his mask, the mask with a star which was his  other identity, that was the only description the police had of him… it was his trademark….

He slipped into the darkness like he did before, he had spent so much time scouting the environment and moving about at night that with his eyes closed he still would have known how to get where he was headed and stay out of sight!! He stuck to the darkness as his heart started beating in anticipation, he really loved when he had to get his hands dirty, he loved playing this game so much, he got close to the building which was silent, it was so silent that the only sound he could hear was that of his heart thumping in his chest..overtime his  eyes  had gotten accustomed to darkness, and due to all the numerous jobs he had taken up, his hearing was even better, he  could even hear the first sentry moving about loudly, these men all have a death wish he thought, bloody amateurs….he  walked silently behind him and waited for him to come past as he grabbed his neck from behind, he  squeezed as the sentry  struggled, and when star-fire felt the sentry was going to pass out, he brought out his knife and dug it into the sentry , he kept on pulling and digging it back in even after he felt the life drain out of the body, he felt the blood from the dying man flow freely onto his gloves, he dropped the lifeless  body in satisfaction….

He went back into the shadows as quick as he had  come out,  he saw another sentry coming towards his location, he heard the sentry whisper in an uneven voice; malik, where are you?? As he raised his guard up and came slowly, star-fire couldn’t let him alert the others, he was past him and almost at the body when star-fire rose up his pistol, aimed for the sentry’s head and pulled the trigger twice. He was dead even before he hit the ground….

Star-fire silently walked towards the building, this was too easy and they had a lot of hiding places in the vast compound, his target  should have brought in a squad, it would have being more challenging, he crouched within the grass and blended in the darkness as he moved towards where the other sentry was supposed to be located, he wasn’t moving from his location, he crept slowly towards him knife in hand, he thought  of rushing him but decided against it as the noticed the Uzi the sentry  held, it was very easy to get decorated by those weapons, he picked out a throwing knife and with force and experience gotten from using throwing knives he threw it at the sentry and it dug  deep into his throat, the sentry  let out a loud scream as the pain made him pull the trigger, he  kept shooting as he gagged to death….

Star-fire was disappointed, his silent streak had being ruined he thought to himself , anyway It was just the guy and the girl left, his main targets, he slipped towards the door where the sentry was lying and he dug his knife into the dead sentry’s chest as payment for wrecking his silent streak, he got to the door  and opened it silently… he  was about getting in when he heard  something drop down the stairs…..t.. Thump…Thump… thump….he looked in shock when he realized what it was, he ran and dived into cover, he was a little late as the explosion from the grenade grazed his legs a little, he shrugged the pain and struggled to his feet, he was about going in again when he heard another Uzi go off inside the house, the gun kept firing blocking his entrance, he looked around for another way in, and smiled to himself when he looked up …..

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STAR-FIRE Episode 5

Pfft…..still too tried to rant, saving my strength for something I don’t know about..
If you feel u are intrigued enough to read the previous episode, I gat your back, just click d link below…

Episode 4

I winced in pain as I struggled to walk back home, it was still quite early and the streets were still quite deserted, I opened the door and found her still asleep, I was going to talk to her when she woke-up I thought as I sat on the chair and drifted off…..

I woke up the next night in the hospital, I saw Natasha sitting with a worried look on her face, she had black budges under her eyes and I realized she was stressed out and hadn’t gotten much sleep.

She smiled a little when I came to, she explained I lost a lot of blood and passed out on the chair, and was able to get help in moving me here when she found me…
She just had to donate some blood for me, she said I had being out for 15hours and the doctor said I could leave the next morning….

I calculated in my head, we had only a day before star-fire came for us, I held her hand and explained the situation to her, after explaining to her, the look in her eyes had me worried, the woman I once loved was practically gone, her eyes seemed hollow, she wasn’t scared and she couldn’t care.

I told her I could try getting her somewhere safe till was over and she relied, I want to stay, and I want to help… I looked in her eyes and saw a nothing… I was bothered but I knew it was pointless convincing her otherwise….

I reasoned our situation, there was no way we were going to survive without help, this was an experienced hit man coming for us, and he already showed us how terrible he could be when he decided to defile her. I was still going to have to make him pay, but Natasha was a liability, she wasn’t a fighter, and this guy was a cold-blooded killer, I couldn’t fight him off alone and at the same time protect her, I racked my brains and I decided I had to get help, I was going to call my friend, I was going to call Bruce…

I was released from the hospital the next day, I was given some aspirin for the splitting headache where I was bashed on the head,  Natasha  looking unkempt had been there to take me home, I got home and picked up the phone to call Bruce..

Bruce and I had quite the history together, I had saved his life twice, and since then he just felt indebted to me…

I met Bruce in the army, we were both sergeants as at then and we had a very horrible lieutenant, we called him Lewinsky, he was as mean and horrible as they came, he didn’t really care about us as individuals and if he felt you were a threat to the safety of the platoon he cut you off without remorse, he was a good solider no doubt, but his methods were cold….

We had gone to get what we were told was an easy package, our unit was supposed to take over a particular part of town,  but something had gone wrong and it became hostile and we had to retreat, we under-estimated the manpower and sophistication of the enemy’s weapon’s and we lost a lot of good men. 

Bruce had being hit by a gunner hidden in the bushes, it was a through and through, the slug went through his legs. The piercing scream from Bruce was what made me stop, he wasn’t particularly a friend of mine but I stopped to help…

Leave him alone lieutenant Lewinsky shouted… I paused for a minute before I continued to go help him…

Sergeant leave him alone, he screamed, this is a direct order, he is going to slow us down….when he saw I was still headed to Bruce he pulled me back roughly and I landed him a well placed punch…

I scoffed as I lifted Bruce who was still screaming in pain  I carried him for almost 2hours running for both our lives, when I got him to the extraction point and he was about to be taken for medical attention he held my hand and told me he owed me his life, and he would never ever forget….  I got court-marshaled for disobeying a direct order from a superior officer, I could have gotten away with that but the fact that I hit him couldn’t be overlooked and I lost my position in the army but saving Bruce was worth-while, I never regretted it  even once…

Bruce took that statement literally and he never did forget he had done me so many favors’ in the past but I had no one else to call…… I called him, I heard his chirpy voice say; hey rauf… long time, what’s up? I replied; I am in a jam… I need your help… that was all he needed to hear before he came running over with three tough looking guys….

I met him at the city center as we hugged and reminisced over old times…., Bruce was a tall and lanky dude, his advantage wasn’t in power but Bruce was a damn good strategist, his ideas had saved us more times than I could remember, he was cool when he wasn’t being extreme..

Rauf u dare-devil, he said; where have you being getting trouble from?? I sat down and explained the whole situation, and I pointed and said I had to protect her; he let out a light whistle after listening and asked me silently…
You really care about her don’t you? He asked; and I replied of course Bruce and he asked again; is she worth your life man? And without missing a beat I replied; I would gladly die for her over and over again….so are you going to help me?

He let out a loud laugh and said; good thing I came prepared, then with a voice so low he said… any enemy of yours is definitely going to have me to answer to, you are willing to die for your woman, and I am going to be beside you if I have to, and if we go down, we make sure we do with a loud bang

Thanks Bruce, I replied, as I noticed in realization that he was the only person close to family I had after Natasha….
Bruce did come prepared anyways, he had 5 Uzis and a shot-gun, he loved shot guns and I knew without asking that it was his, Bruce said happily; rauf I added some grenades and two hunting knives, just like those days in the jungle right?

Right I replied; as I thought to myself, those days in the jungle, a knife was most-times quicker and deadlier in the hands of most men in our platoon.  I studied the weapons, if I didn’t know Bruce I would say he was demented, honestly I was worried for him at times, his love for handling situations in extreme manners scared me, to him anything relating to me was war and he always came prepared for that. Anyway we were prepared and in the end I was glad I called my friend.
Before it begun to get dark, I went over to where Natasha sat looking gloomy again and gave her one of the Uzis, I said to her, if u hear anything, just point and hold down the trigger, understood? Yes she replied…..and looked at me with those hollow eyes that made me shudder; do you think we would make it? I replied well we can only hope babe, but I will die protecting you if I have to, and I have to make him pay I said as I hugged her, she walked away sluggishly into the inner room as I had the satisfaction of watching her derriere sway as she left before I headed towards the men..

After having a hearty meal, We spent the  rest of the day determining who was going to defend what part of the house, he was going to come, but we were going to be prepared, and I was going to survive this and this time I was going to protect her, we got up later that night to look at the plans for the next day when and how we were going to defend the surrounding, I opened the window for some air as we gathered round the table to make a plan…. I hadn’t even left the window when a slug burst through Bruce’s head and his brains covered in thick blood splashed on the wall and on our plans….

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STAR-FIRE Episode 4

Okay finally completed this story,just 3 parts after this,concluding parts will come subsequently…… If u missed the previous episodes just click the links below

Episode 1
Episode 2
episode 3

For the next three days after the incident, Living with her became a little tedious, believe me I tried, she was a shadow of her former self, she spent majority of the day staring out the window without a care in the world, those green eyes I loved so much seemed dead, she even looked dead, she had stopped taking care of herself, looks didn’t just matter to her anymore, and the sight of her was starting to bother me.  I was woken up those nights by her screaming, she begun to have nasty nightmares, the nightmares were wrecking her, I tried my best, I suggested her seeing a doctor but she vehemently refused, I had the last straw when she woke up one night screaming hysterically….

I held her and said; pull your-self together babe, chill out; it was only a nightmare, I am here babe; I said
Leave me alone, she replied, let me go, I can’t live like this anymore, and she burst out in tears wailing and screaming, her voice echoed round the quiet compound…after I succeeded in calming her down she looked at me with tear filled eyes and said; you promised to protect me, and yet you failed, as she burst into more tears.

I gave her a little sedative as she drifted to sleep, I stayed awake and watched her twitch in her sleep, I stayed up pondering on what to do because the week was almost up and star-fire was going to come for her. He hadn’t failed to carry out a hit till now; running was out of the question because the last man who ran had his head blown off immediately he stepped into the airport…. I was confused and angry and so I decided to take a walk to blow off steam….

I was probably too consumed in my thoughts or I would have noticed the shadow beside me…. A burst of pain exploded on my head as I gasped out air, the shock and velocity of the attack left me a little dazed, I tried getting back up but a kick to my side made a painful scream leave my mouth… I held my sides in pain and groaned as I fell on a number of large stones on the floor

just then I heard a voice say; I told you we would get you, I knew the voice;  it was unmistakably one of the guys who attacked Natasha, I heard another voice say; Jake common bash his head in quickly…
Jake replied; relax, I want him to suffer a little, as he kicked me again….

I heard a third voice say; just make it quick will you.

My anger had vanished now, and the pain made my survival instinct step in, I had taken his boot in my side twice and I already had an idea of the intervals, he kicked me again as I counted in my head, to me these hits were nothing., I could take it, he hit me again and I knew  for certain how many seconds interval before the next kick came in, I opened my eyes a little and saw the ferociousness in his eyes as he raised his leg again trying to hit my face.. I shielded my face with my hands and grabbed his leg with my right hand, sill holding his leg in place, I quickly picked a large stone with my left hand, Jake struggled viciously to escape my grip, and with all the force I could muster I bashed his knee in with the stone as he cried out in pain…

Shit Jake, I heard a voice say as I heard footsteps and felt another burst of pain on my arm, I let out a little scream as I let go of his legs, then they descended on  me and kept bashing and kicking till I drifted off into darkness…

I opened my eyes a little while later and I noticed I was being dragged on the floor; I heard one of the voices say
Jake hurry up and he replied shut up Borg….. He burst up my freaking knee, Borg sneered and replied you were careless just hurry up and let’s dump him off. The third voice a bit deeper and scarier than the others said; you two shut up, and don’t attract any silly attention with your ranting.

Yes Blake, they replied simultaneously and that seemed to shut them up, as I was dragged in silence for about two minutes, I decided to save my strength and let them drag me.

I heard Blake say this spot is okay, Jake check if he is still unconscious, and Borg you start digging, we are going to bury this sucker alive, nobody will mess with us after this… alright Borg said and he started digging, I held my breath, closed my eyes and stayed motionless as I heard someone drag himself over to me and I think he waved his hands over my face, he is still out said Jake, good Blake replied, that makes our job easier, come over let me take a look at your leg, I listened as I heard him drag himself away from me..

I opened my eyes a little and had a good look at the men, the one who was called Blake seemed like the most obdurate and cold-blooded of the three, I studied him and noticed he looked like a pro wrestler, he had a thick scar between his eyes that made him seem more menacing, he looked like someone who could take sadistic delight in harming a man, I had to be weary of him.

I looked at Borg as he dug the pit, he too like Jake was just a young boy, he must have been the one hitting me, and I guessed the shovel was what he used, I needed that shovel if I was going to get out of this situation in one piece, Blake seemed to concentrate on fixing Jake’s leg, and the sound of the digging drowned the noise I made as I crawled towards Borg as he paused to clean off sweat off his brows…

I waited for him to continue digging and stood up silently… he was so consumed with his work and dint know when I got behind him, he had his back to me as he bent to dig some more, and with all the energy I could muster I smashed my elbow to the back of his head, he let out a light yelp as he dropped into the pit he was digging unconscious..

I picked the shovel as and put it beside me… Jake looked up and screamed at me; you Ass, he said and charged towards me half running and half limping, I guess he didn’t notice the shovel and neither did he listen when Blake said hold on you idiot…. I waited till he got a little close to me, I lifted the shovel and smashed it against his face, and that sent staggering back, I landed him a clean punch to the lips, he went down briskly as I brushed his blood off my knuckles with my shirt.

I looked at Blake and he stared at me, he dint even move from where he was seated, he just stared with viciousness in his eyes, I knew his type… during my days as a mercenary I met a lot of very tough guys but there was something about Blake, he had evil eyes, ears that had no fear, and the lack of fear made him quite a hellacious foe…

He took his time in getting up, and for once I saw the size difference, he said young children never listen huh? I kept my eyes on him, holding the shovel and taking a defensive stance.

He laughed at me as he asked; do you intend to take me out with that?? He walked towards me, and I could hear his shoes quacking due to the excessive bulk of a man they carried

I studied him, he was a very large man, and I knew I had speed to my advantage, or so I thought,  he got a few feet of me and I swung the shovel towards his face with all the strength I had, I definitely misjudged his speed as he ducked with a speed I thought was impossible for his size, his fist connected to my side as I dropped the shovel and with the same speed he landed  his fist to my jaw with tremendous force, I staggered back quite dazed, his power was beyond mine as I expected, well I wasn’t ready to die here I thought, my mind was calculating rapidly, extending the fight with this brute could be deadly, I faked him a haymaker and he shielded his face giving me a perfect opportunity to connect a  kick to his groin, he mustn’t have expected that cheap shot from me as his hands cupped his groin with a funny face, in a fight for survival I believed there was no shame in fighting dirty.

I quickly picked up the shovel and with all the strength I could muster and pasted it on his face, the blood from his nose created a very good painting on the shovel, if I wasn’t fighting to live I would have sold it for a good price. He staggered back and before he could recover from that I jumped up with the shovel and bashed the top of his head, he went down on his knees and said a few words I dint understand before he drifted into unconsciousness, the noise he made when dropped to the floor  was like that of a crumbling building….

I was about leaving when I noticed Jake was getting back into consciousness, He said as he groaned, you ass, as he spat out some blood;  star- fire  is going to come for you, and I swear I am not going to miss it… I stopped in my tracks and went back to him, you sent the assassin?? Ha-ha, no I didn’t you idiot, but I know who did, you and that silly girl messed with a lot of people, he has been paid to make you suffer , and he is going to make you suffer, this is just a bonus, I picked him up in anger and asked;  how am i going to call of the hit and his reply made me flinch;

he is not going to stop till you are both dead, he is never going to stop even if we want him to.. Once a hit is called, he never stops till he gets results…I knew he couldn’t tell me any more at the moment so I dragged him closer and said to him; if I do survive what is coming, you had better run, I said; run very, very far, because I am going to come for you, and you are going to talk..
I released him and walked forward a little, I turned quickly and swiftly landed a haymaker to his jaw, he dint expect it so his knockout couldn’t be avoided, I winced in pain as I felt pain from the bashing I received earlier, my shirt was soaked in my blood and dirt, but that didn’t bother me, I thought to myself, he was coming, for her, nope he was coming for both of us, and I knew we didn’t stand a fighting chance, our survival was basically one in a million……we were screwed….

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No strength to rant today + the story is long enough anyways So….

I stood and admired my work like I always admired all my contracts, feeling like  an artist. I had another contract later in the day but before then I had an appointment with a therapist.



I left for my appointment with my therapist for 9am so I rounded up with what I was doing and headed towards the office. When I got in, I met a blonde secretary who smiled sheepishly at me.

I flirted a little with her, but just then the buzzer sounded as she rushed into the therapist’s office to prepare me for my turn, leaving me and her unfinished cup of coffee.

I walked in and studied the rather large man with a big looking diary.  He motioned me to the couch, and I walked towards it and lay on it.

Therapist: So what’s your name??

Me:  My name is Blake Doc, can I call u Doc?

Therapist:  (starts scribbling in his book) Yes, Doc is fine Blake.

Me: Okay then

Therapist: Try making yourself as comfortable as possible.

Me:  Alright Doc!

Therapist: Okay good. So what exactly is the problem Blake?

Me: I don’t know, but everybody says I am weird.

Therapist: Weird! Why?

MeI think it it’s because of the way my situation is messing with me.

Maybe it’s because my line of work is supposed to make me hardened, and I consider myself too cool for such shenanigans.

Therapist: Your situation?? What is your line of work?

MeYes heartbreak, sadness and all the likes.  You see, my life was going smoothly as it was, before I met her. And I think my meeting her was fate’s way of teaching me a lesson.

My routine was going so smoothly until she came in, and everything spewed out of control; Oh yeah I am a contractor.

Therapist: (scribbling) She?

Me: Yes, She. Let me tell you a little about her; She was perfection, at least she was perfectly everything I wanted. She could do no wrong in my eyes.

I heard stories that somewhere in the world every man had his female version, someone who made everything seem so perfect, someone who made everything easy, and luckily for me I think I found mine.

Therapist: I see, keep going Blake.

Me:  I was way taller than she was and even though I liked tall girls, her beauty was way taller than I or any other tall girl could ever be.

She had deep blue eyes that seemed to study the deeper meaning behind things. She was a little proud just like I was, she was smart and could hold her end even during an intellectual argument without any hassle.

She laughed at my jokes and teased me when I wasn’t funny, and yes she made me have a good laugh once in a while. We could tell each other even the weirdest things and it never got awkward.

She wasn’t mushy like I was, and she dealt with things practically, she laughed when I was becoming too mushy, she was different from others doc.

However, something drew me close to her and at the end Doc, she was everything I wanted, everything I needed, and she made me want to try to become a better person!

Therapist: Quite a lady I suppose?

Me: Yes, she was one in a Zillion Doc. Did I mention her voice?

Therapist: No you did not. What about it Blake??

Me:  Damn! she had the nicest voice I ever heard! I could have listened to it over and over again.

In-fact, I could listen to her talk without end, her voice made me melt with happiness every time I heard it. 

It could make the angriest man smile in awe after hearing it.  I always wondered why she wasn’t in a choir or a popular singer, I even have her voice recorded as my ring-tone and message tune!!

Would you like to hear it??

Therapist:  (finally looks up from his book) He lets out a chuckle. No! that wouldn’t be necessary.

Me: Okay doc, but you are missing out.

Therapist :  (#holds in another chuckle) Okay then, so if she was so perfect, what happened??

Me: Well, everything was going fine until the arguments really started; we literally started bickering and disagreeing about silly things.

It was becoming tedious and we realized our opinions about things were different from each other’s.

Therapist: (Scribbling) okay, opinions about things like?

Me: Well Doc, opinions about life. She judged me based on them, even though I was just trying to be honest and give her a realistic point of view. She had to judge me based on that, she started thinking I was weird.

Therapist: Hmmm, don’t you think your opinions make you who you are??

Me:  Ha-ha; You are beginning to sound just like her doc.

Therapist: I see(Scribbles down).  Okay, so what actually happened??

Me: Well, she was about moving to a different city, and I went over to see her to talk about us, but she laughed and said; …

Therapist#raises his head…….. She said?

Me: She said; there is no longer any us!!

Therapist: Ouch! wow, I see.  So what happened next?

Me:  Well I was obviously in shock, and asked her since when and she couldn’t give me any reasonable reply.

She told me she was only taking the logical step, and that she was only being practical. Doc, she said i was weird and I told her we could try, I could change and I was going to be a better person.

Therapist:  Okay, keep going.

Me:  But she said it was pointless, with her moving and everything.

I told her I was willing to fight for it to work, but she said it was pointless and she wasn’t willing to fight for anything. She even told me to go and look for someone who was willing to fight for me.

Therapist: Oh okay, I see. Keep going.

Me: Well, I tried making her see reason with me, but she said I was too weird for her. So why extend a relationship that was already doomed?  She said.

Therapist # scribbling.. Keep going

Me: Then,  after I tried without any result, I used my trump card.

Therapist: Your trump card?

Me:  Yes Doc, with just the right amount of tears in my eyes I said; but I love you!!!

She looked at me and smiled and replied; Babe I love you too, but sometimes love is not enough!!!!

I was so devastated Doc!! But then, that was when it happened.

Therapist: (Looks up) … when what happened?

Me:  Doc, I snapped when I realized she wasn’t going to reason with me.

Therapist(Now giving me his full attention) ….. You snapped?

Me: Ha-ha doc, yes I did.  You see, I hate losing things I love and I wasn’t going to let her leave me. So immediately she said that I got up and stabbed her on the shoulder with the kitchen knife as she screamed in pain!!

Therapist: You stabbed her!!! He asked incredulously

Me:  Ha-ha. Doc, stabbing her was the least painful part!! Even more painful, was when I broke her fingers one after the other!! Now Doc, that was ecstatic!! it was pure art!! and surprisingly I loved it!!!

Therapist: Visibly worried# okay, okay, ummm, I think your time is up; he said.
The therapist searched for his phone as I showed it to him,

Me:  Doc, relax I took it off you a long time ago! I was…..#my phone rings…. Cutting me off.

#The therapist jumped at my ringtone; It was the sound of a lady screaming, no, more like screeching painfully; with the words please don’t kill me!!

Therapist:  wha…whaa..t was that??

Me: Ha-ha.  Doc did I not tell you I used her voice as my ring tone?? Any way that was the last time I heard the lovely voice. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to hear her voice again, so I saved it so I could replay it forever!!

Therapist: You are crazy!!!! There is something fundamentally wrong with you!!

Me: Ha-ha. Yes, I know doctor. I have being told.

Therapist ……. (Screaming at the top of his voice for his secretary)…. Suzzy!! Suzzy!! Help!!

Me: Doc, calm down, Suzzy is probably dead; I dumped a little something in her drink before I came in.

The therapist tried running for the door and looks at me in fear as I moved swiftly towards him. He was about screaming again when I jabbed his throat twice!

He coughed and spewed out some blood as he gagged in pain.

I grabbed his head and whispered in his ears; Thank you doc, I am glad I was finally able to rant to someone about my situation.

But Doc, I think relationships are overrated, I pine for her every single day, but don’t you think sometimes, just sometimes love is enough???

He looked at me in fear, nodding his head, trying to speak, as if he was trying to agree with me; I watched him in amusement, and with all the force I could muster, I dug my stiletto in his jugular before he could give an answer.

( Note- A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a stabbing weapon-#source -Wikipedia and yes don’t say I didn’t teach you stuffs)

Just then my phone rang again. I picked up and heard a voice ask; is it done?? And I replied; Yes, just the way you wanted. Make sure the money is paid in full I said, as I cut off the call.

I admired my work once more before I left. I was a contractor and I just fulfilled the terms of my contract. Even though I was heart-broken, this particular CONTRACT made me feel alive. It felt good finally talking to someone about it.

I laughed in amusement as I wondered why in my weird mind I believed that sometimes LOVE WAS ENOUGH!!

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My -New year

Happy New Year folks………….thank goodness we made it, I do hope we make it into many more years together………………


So my new year story
It was the last day of the year, I was very glad, I made it through,  Everything was working out well for me, I had a good job, more than enough money to spend , I was about to move out of my rented apartment to my personal crib and to top it all I had a girl to die for. My plan was well laid out and I was definitely going to get married to her…
Anyway it was 31st December and I thanked my stars all was well with me, I picked up the phone to call my girlfriend because we were supposed to go for the new year countdown,  it rung for a while and I heard that lovely voice that made my heart skip a beat every single time, I told her to come over but she refused and said she was finishing up some chores around the house but I could come instead since her parents had gone to church, then from there we could take off…
I hesitated at first because her father threatened me that he never ever wanted to see me alone with his daughter in his house again and that was cos he once  met us in a compromising position …….but she convinced me it was alright and nobody was gonna be home till 1am……..
I quickly dressed up and went over to her house, anyway I got in and got a very warm welcome, the house seemed different, ,maybe it was because I hadn’t been here in awhile when she was home alone, anyway she made me comfortable in her room and went to get me a drink and some food….
Her cat came and started cuddling comfortably on my feet, I looked around and seeing she was nowhere in sight, I kicked the stupid thing as hard as I could!!!! I hated cats and I was just coping with this lazy fat thing she called a cat…..I hated cats but hated her cat with a passion and if not because I knew she loved the cat I would have broken its neck ever since!!!!
anyway it wasn’t even up to 5mins before she came running in that her parents were back to get something, and she heard her dad say he was coming up because he thought he saw a strange figure from outside, the fear in her eyes made me scared too and she begged me to sneak out and we could meet up later……. Sheez I started panicking, meehn I was scared of that scary dude probably because he warned me already and i hated embarrassments and awkward situations, Anyways I started thinking rapidly…. I looked out the window if I could make it out, but it was too high……. I wasn’t gonna leave what I thought was one painful death for yet another painful one…….
I went out her door and looked for a way out, there was only one and that was where he was coming from, now I knew why her room was so isolated, Just as I stood there thinking of how I was going to die (well just my mind messing with me… at most I would probably have just gotten beaten to a pulp) the lights went out!!!!!  I couldn’t have been happier; I ran as fast as I could and bumped into someone or something that fell with a thud, as I staggered and struggled to gain my balance I stepped on something else, I heard him groan in pain but I didn’t bother stopping to check as I ran out the door as fast as I could…………
I got home and laid on my bed thinking of the night’s event… pheew I thought to myself: that was a close one… even though my fear for her dad seemed kainna exaggerated it was better safe than sorry… I hadn’t lay down for up to 10mins when my phone rang; I picked it and heard my girl crying hysterically on the phone saying… you killed him…. You killed him…when you were running out!!!!!!!!! I dint even bother listening anymore as my head begun to spin, I dropped the phone in shock as I felt my whole world come crumbling down …. I had killed her dad!!!! What was I thinking…….. I couldn’t even think straight…. The phone started ringing again but I dint bother picking cos I knew it was her…… I started thinking about my life so far, the penalty for murder was most-times death by hanging or life imprisonment…. How could this happen to me???……….. I started thinking about what to do next, the shame it was gonna bring to my family to hear I killed someone, I was just 21years old I couldn’t die in prison, I thought as I cried and cried, I looked up at my clock it was just 11oclock…….. I thought things were working out for me, all my plans were gonna end in prison, I was probably gonna be molested!!! I had heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of movies of how the lazy guys were used in prison and then I burst out in more tears…….
My phone rang and rang continuously but I wasnt bothered as I thought about everything and decided running away and changing my personality as I had seen in movies (as if it were that easy) but the thought of living with the conscience of having murdered someone weighed me down, I looked around for other alternatives and decided to commit suicide……….. That seemed like a better option than facing the shame and guilt or living in prison…. Or being hung publicly……. I looked round my house without thinking I picked up a knife and decided stabbing myself…….but when I picked it up and thought about it, it seemed like a rather hard one to pull off……
I dropped the knife as I cried even more…..I had to do something before the cops showed up and I was arrested, it seemed like two days had gone by, I looked at my wall clock and it was just 11-30p!!! Time had a way of being so slow when you are under stress……
I looked round the house as I panicked and sighted the rat poison I kept  because of the massive rat I saw some days back, I took it and mixed it with a drink and sat on the chair as I thought about the situation a little more, I weighed all the alternatives, I couldn’t live with murder, obviously my girlfriend was gonna tell the police what happened, my sentence could be weighed down and I wouldn’t have to be killed, but I would still have to spend majority of my life in prison… was this how my life was gonna end????? After weighing it all, I felt this was the best alternative…. I took in a deep breath with tears in my eyes and did something I hadn’t done in awhile, I prayed!! And I prayed for mercy……….just as I lifted my cup I heard someone pound the door almost without warning, the shock of the sound made me spill my poisoned drink in fear, sheez I thought to myself, I couldn’t even kill myself right, I decided I could quickly mix another, but then I heard the person at the other end put a key in the keyhole,  my girlfriend probably brought the cops to my house, and she had her key….. In my panic I forgot I gave her my spare key….. It was as if time slowed down as the door opened up, I knelt down as I surrendered to my fate…..I expected to see a group of policemen rush in with their heavy weapons, I dint even look up as  the door opened up and I heard a voice say…. What are you doing?? we are going to be late!!!! I looked up at my girlfriend and said with tear stained and confused eyes… but I killed him: I said in a shaky voice…. Yes I know you did, and it wasn’t on purpose, even though I know you hated him all this while… I looked at her in amazement, was she losing it??? I muttered again but he is dead……she looked at me and with a little confusion and said yes, I would get another cat tomorrow, so hurry up or we are gonna be late for the countdown ……….ummm did u say cat??? I managed to blurt out………..

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My- Crush

Happy new month to you all…..we had a good run and yeah we all made it to this month- I woke up feeling super fly and was like…..


Well I had a feeling it was gonna be a good month until i heard a beep on my phone- i checked it expecting somthing good only to find out it was from airtel saying their bis wouldn’t work for android Any longer Then I became like….   


It was So painful Cos I just subscribed for 3months, the day before, why did they not reject the money or warn me? arggggh le pain – mehnnn I was pissed, But all the same I was happy – I made it to December I wouldn’t be sad Cos of that……and Then it hit me…..I had a blog!!!! Which was abandoned, n So I decided to write……hehe… So enough rambling…….
Okay so this particular day, I heard of a branch of one church I attend crumbled and some-one was injured In it, thank goodness nothing really bad happened, one person was hospitalized… it was while reasoning it I INNOCENTLY  realized my ex, ex, exEST girlfriend attended that church and I panicked, we had a mutual break-up I think, even though she smashed the screen of my laptop in anger… and almost flushed my phone in the toilet,  I still cared a little about her I guess….. I prayed she was injured and battered okay and nothing had happened to her, i hoped she wasn’t d one who was hospitalized, but I called her to make sure, and this is how the conversation went…..
Me —- hello
Her —- yes
Me—- it’s luke…
Her — I know, what do you want?
Me — heard your church crumbled, are u still alive????
Her —- oh..  That was my church?
Me —(⊙o⊙) ahnahn– *confused
Her —- so it was my church??? I haven’t gone to church this year o…….
Me —- *to myself* winch.. no wonder…
Her —- Wait o……Were you praying for me to die???Or are you planning on killing me??
Me —- I just wanted to make sure you were okay a…..
Her — — *cuts me off*shut up!!! Idiot, u must be very stupid, infact u r mad, I knew u were wishing for my downfall, idiot. B****rd, blah, blah, blah.
Me —- but I ……….
Her —- still raining curses…
Me —- okay your obviously fine… aii later then…*cuts call
Well after the conversation,*now realizing why we broke up, I kept on wondering what exactly I did wrong???? Was it a crime to check on someone again???? *where did I find this girl self???……….. Just then my phone started ringing, it was a private number…. I picked and it was her again
Her …….. So u only called to check if ii was alive??? You dint call me all this while??? You are mad!!! Stupid boy
Me …..*scoffs* I let out a deep breath and in my sexiest voice I say*…okay I am very, very sorry, I was just worried…. So please could you just calm down and listen to me??
Her …. *calms down* I am sorry too…..okay what is it??
Me…..  I want you to do me a favour……
Her ….. hmmmm… okay then depends on what you are asking for……..
Me …. Okay, please could you kindly help me press that red button by the right side of your phone???
Her ……..pauses* analyzing I guess…………then …….arghhhhhhhhh why are you so annoying? You are an idiot * fool…….and so many curses too vulgar to publish…….
Me —– scoffs* ends call……weirdo…
Yep that conversation was an example of my plight………….. I happen to be soft-hearted and caring(⊙o⊙)
It was after this call that I realized I hadn’t  had much luck with girls lately, I was already giving up hope sef, a man can only suffer this much; I thought to myself, I had been heartbroken  over and over again and already accepted my fate, there was no hope for love again for me, the painful part was that after the break up, friend-ship was out of the question,  I am a strong lad, I thought to myself, you see we guys are very strong, we get heartbroken over and over and over again and still manage to push forward, and yet it’s still being said that all guys are evil, break a girls heart once and she will still be recovering for years to come.

It was after this call that I realized I hadn’t  had much luck with girls lately, I was already giving up hope sef, a man can only suffer this much; I thought to myself, I had been heartbroken  over and over again and already accepted my fate, there was no hope for love again for me, the painful part was that after the break up, friend-ship was out of the question,  I am a strong lad, I thought to myself, you see we guys are very strong, we get heartbroken over and over and over again and still manage to push forward, and yet it’s still being said that all guys are evil, break a girl’s heart once and she will still be recovering for years to come.

I was there thinking about my plight and my recent efforts to meet someone new, someone who was gonna love me and be there for me in my time of need, not someone who was after my little bar thou… the next babe I had a crush on happened to be in my office, she was my longest crush, she was very, very pretty and tall, we weren’t in the same office per say, she was on 11th floor and I was on the 8th, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her, no matter how I tried,  I already had the flows I would use saved in my brain…………. I was gonna use a line stolen from ONE Nigerian song… I was gonna walk towards her looking straight into her eyes and with my rehearsed voice say * you are the sexiest girl I have seen…. The kainna girl I would take to the scene…. Your hips make me go like soooo* #blame the song… well I never got any opportunity to use my flow per say…

anywaiz the next morning after battling with the over spiced food I prepared, and taking in a lot of water to reduce the effect on my mouth, I dressed up for work and  walked towards the door taking down the 6th glass of water that morning…. I locked up and headed to work and boarded a vehicle,  while in the vehicle I felt an urge to pee,  but I felt I could hold it in, since I was already seeing my office building, anyways I was even too cool to do it on the road…………
I got to my office gate and walked in as fast as I could as the urge to pee became really worse, I started walking funny as I prayed the queue for the elevator wasn’t goanna be long, I got inside and saw very long queues on the first two elevators, the last had no queue, it was the management elevator, I dint bother, I pressed it as people looked at me awkwardly, I dint care and I got in and sat on the operators chair since there was no operator there, before anybody could come in to join me, I pressed the button for 8th floor feeling like a sharp guy, I sat comfortably and started playing with my phone……. I Then realized I had being seated for some minutes without feeling the elevator move, I looked up and realized the number was stuck on 1!!! it wasn’t moving, I pressed all the buttons as I was too cool to panic, I pressed the emergency button, and instead of hearing a bell the lights in the elevator went out…….. now I was panicking, and to make matters worse I had to pee, and the place was extremely hot….i begun pacing so as to hold it in, it seemed I was there forever, I started doing a new dance, which would probably have made me popular if it went viral, I tried and held it in, it seemed I was locked in forever, and that was when my mind started messing with me, I swear I could hear the song #just SCREAM and SHOUT and let it all out…….. over and over again in my head,  I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pee in the elevator, I unzipped and was making the ooooh ahh sound as I relived myself, and just then the elevator lights came on and it opened up………….. in shock I jumped and I peed on a manager, and his secretary as they waited for the elevator outside…………. Did I mention my crush was the secretary to a manager??……….anyway still single, almost jobless and definitely not searching……

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Kudos to those that have been harassing me to post something(mostly girls) and why i took so long to do so- my guys dint even care #sigh and later you wonder why I love girls?…. Well the reason is extremely simple…………Writing is hard as shii…. Especially when you are not even being motivated + I think I got the famous writer’s block, even though its mostly used as an excuse for extreme laziness but mehhn that stuff is as real as LOVE, because for a while I haven’t had any inspiration, I did everything I normally do for inspiration mostly sleeping and eating but still nothing…….. o well, I blame it solely it on the rejection I just got lately, when I heard the words…. I can’t date u.. ishh my mind went on pause mode briefly….#pffttt Le Pain……pheww and yes that was me venting……

so if u happen to be a single hot girl….sharply come help me cure my writer’s block briefly..hehehe

So here goes, if you read and come tell me how boring or how nice it was on BBM, I will just delete you…..if you like it comment here, if it’s boring as hell do comment here but just drop your comments…. And that was me still Rambling-

So here goes

I checked my wallet as I saw the last 500n I had, squeezed awkwardly in my wallet, I took it out and straightened it, i studied the money as i contemplated if to undertake on the venture or not, I needed to head to the bank, the money was just enough to get me there, I was going on a one-way ride, the atm had better be working or I was trekking back home, any way I got outside the gate and locked up, I was holding the money and trynna lock the gate when this terrible gush of wing blew past and carried off the money I was loosely holding off into the air!!!!

Under normal circumstances i probably wouldn’t have bothered, but men were broke and this was 500n, I forgot all atom of pride as I chased my last 500n as it moved like it had a mind of its own, the event was frustrating to me as i jumped in quick successions to get my money, meeehn i ws pissed, but i guess it was funny to some individuals as i could hear laughter around me, #pffft i couldn’t be bothered#, i chased my bar with motivation, after chasing it for some minutes and trying without success to grab the money, it flowed down a little, without considering the consequence, i pictured myself in the jersey of the famous goalkeeper iker casillas as I dived like a professional and caught the money in mid-air and landed straight into the gutter!!!!!
I held the money tightly in my hands oblivious of the laughter in the environment, I lay comfortably in the gutter as i stared at the sun, wondering how i was gonna get out….

Just then I saw a face peek at me, and heard a female voice saying laughingly; aren’t you gonna come out of there??? I looked up and even thou I couldn’t actually see her face, I stretched my hands and she helped me up, I could still hear laughter all round, but she didn’t mind, and obviously neither did I, I told her thanks and she said it was alright, I studied her and she happened to be one of the PREETIEST girls I had seen, and lucky for me she even lived close-by, we talked a little, exchanged infos as we went our separate ways…

We started hanging out a lot after that, apparently she broke up with her boyfriend recently and our getting close wasn’t even hard, but she made sure she took me everywhere with her, in the next month that followed we were practically inseparable and everybody knew us as a couple, we went everywhere together and most times even when I was moving about alone people always asked where my wife was…. The feeling was extreme, I hadn’t felt this good since forever……

Anyway there was a clause, she wanted to stay celibate, and no matter how hard I tried she refused to let me touch her, I was okay with that because it was difficult to find God-fearing babes these days….

We continued like that for awhile and this particular night when we were hanging out in front of my house, she looked me in the eyes and with tears in her eyes she said I LOVE YOU… so, so much, and I want you to promise you are always gonna stay with me…. And I said… of-course I am not goanna leave you, we hugged tight and I saw her off…. I walked back home deep in thought about the situation, I dint actually know If I was in love too… I was still thinking as I landed on my bed and passed out in glorious slumber

The next morning I heard someone pounding angrily and loudly at my gate, I grudgingly stood up and coded my – morning rise- as I put on my trousers, I staggered towards the gate, murmuring angrily to myself….. This person had better have something reasonable to say…. I Got downstairs, opened the gate, and then I saw her… my was she beautiful, she seemed extra-beautiful this ,morning, she probably came over to hangout, oh how much she must have missed me, as I stared at her, it seemed like thou we were alone, just her, the whole world didn’t matter, at that moment, I stared and I knew I was in love, I was too busy admiring her to notice the man and woman behind her… just then I heard a very thick voice say-Is that the foolish boy? I looked up In amazement and studied them closely, she looked a lot like the woman behind her maybe her mother, but the man seemed like a brute… and I kept wondering what I did to warrant being called a foolish boy, but what she said next was the STUNNER that almost made me collapse- Yes DADDDY, this is the boy responsible for my PREGNANCY- just then the man landed me a thunderous slap and I swear I heard angels sing!! all I could mutter at this moment was EHNN…..

STAR-FIRE- Episode 3

Happy Ed-el-Fitr to all my muslim peeps, Hope u all are having a GR8 celebration-thank you guyz so much for the break, i guess we all needed it….
But see me waiting patiently for any of my muslim friends to bring meat for me- still nothing, I am still waiting o,
O-well if u already decided not to bring me any-meat, just have it @d back of your mind that CHRISTMAS is coming- Dat z all

So continuation of my story and-

if you missed the previous episode here z the link-
N d continuation below-

We went everywhere together and I got to know that beneath her solid exterior, she was just as loving as any other REASONABLE girl, she was humble, she gave me my respect, she was loving and yes she was naive and on the plus side she stayed celibate.

I tried so many times to get her to kiss me but each time she told me to be patient and let’s wait for the right time, she wanted it to be romantic, and that she wasn’t ready yet and with love in my eyes and my heart I always said I Will wait, and I did wait patiently because I believed she was worth it, she was definitely worth waiting for.

I got used to staying with her very quickly, we did everything together and before I realized it, everything I hated about her turned to things I couldn’t do without….. especially the smell of strawberry

We actually moved in together pretty fast, and nothing still changed in the sex life, well for love I could deal with it, I could deal with anything, I was unstoppable. Friday night was my personal day, I liked going to a pub outside town to clear out my head, have a few drinks and meditate. She didn’t drink so for a while I stopped going, but this particular Friday, she said I should go, so I would not give up on my personal life totally because of her, after much cajoling and a peck to the cheek, I left the house feeling super fly. this day was pretty fun, I was having fun drinking and playing pool when suddenly my phone rang- I saw the caller id it was her, she knew where I was, she was not supposed to bug me, she was the one who made me come, I felt it was something urgent, so I picked and she said; Its time, I am ready! And SHE hung up.

I dint get it at first, it took me about 2mins to comprehend what she just said, when I realized, I flung my drink and picked up my suit, I ran towards my car and flung the door open, I put in the key and started it but it refused coming on!!! I punched the steering in anger as I left the vehicle, I slammed the door and I heard something fall, I felt I had broken something in my car so I dint look back, it was a silly car anyway, as I walked away from there I thought to myself……So bad luck was real? Anyway that was not gonna stop me….
I started running without thinking, people must have thought I was mad, if they even knew I was running like that for a kiss and make-out if I was lucky, they probably would have tied me up. I kept running, I dint bother taking a cab I just kept running, I waited so long for this moment and it was finally time, I just kept going till I saw an empty cab, I hoped in and screamed my destination, I promised an extra 200 if he went fast, I got home and paid him, when I got home the door was wide open, I looked up and saw a toy star, I thought it was strange but I felt it was a romantic thing she planned I jogged upstairs with my heart racing when I realized something, I paused and looked around; WT Flip? The house was in turmoil, everything was upside down and then I saw it; another star and a blood stain. Sheeez! I didn’t think much of the stars, but the blood was what got to me.

I was scared and was anxious and also praying for it not to be what I thought it was, I ran towards the room and i saw more blood, my bed was in the wrong place, how did it get there anyway? I traced the blood to a corner in the room, then I saw her laying on the floor, she wasn’t moving, my heart sank, I was scared, and with a skipping heart and shaking hands, I slowly walked towards her, she still wasn’t moving, I nudged he a little, then she moved, o my goodness I was glad! She looked up at me with shame and tears her eyes and blood on a deep cut on her face, she said; where were u? I called, you dint answer, you dint pick my calls, I screamed your name you were nowhere to be found, you said you would protect me she said ad- midst sobs, she said all this and gave me a star, I dint understand, what was with all the blood?And these freaking stars? I then studied her closely then my heart sank with sudden realization; she had been DEFILED-

I loved her more than my heart could bear and som1 defiled her, she was my motivation, her happiness made me powerful , I swore to protect her and someone had defiled her without empathy and with so much hatred, he defiled her and even disfigured her, and still had the bravery to place stars in my house!, the woman I loved so much was in tears, I couldn’t bear to see her cry, it caused me so much pain, my heart was in turmoil, I wasn’t there when she needed me most , I was out having fun while the woman I loved was in duress, my mind raced I kept wondering who in the city had the effrontery to defile the woman I loved, was he not scared? Was it one of my enemies? Was it one of the enemies we made in town? Had my past finally caught up to me? Why dint I sense it? Are we not supposed to have a connection with those we love? Were we not supposed to know if something bad was happening to them? All these were the thoughts racing through my mind. Someone was definitely going to pay dearly, I looked at her with bloodshot eyes filled with pain and I said – WHO- she looked at me with shame and a puzzled face, like I was supposed to know already and said; Star-fire!, Without taking my eyes off her and without skipping a beat I said in a voice so quietly low and sinister that it could send a shiver down the spine of the bravest men “I Swear I am goanna kill him” and for the first time since I met her, I saw fear in her eyes, fear in those eyes I loved so much, I thought it was because of what happened to her, but my heart crumbled IN realization because she was scared of something else! Scared of someone else-

Scared of ME……

Yeap- will definitely continue Later-


I just realized i haven’t written random stories in awhile-so here is one+do note that what you are reading is MOSTLY FICTION- believe what you wanna-
Nobody should come n start asking me Jamb questions o-
Dat z all-
So here goes-
Well I got up quietly and picked up my clothes, leaving the girl In my house with a thank-you note, I ran as quick as my legs could take me after dressing up quickly, I hated talking to a girl I just had a one-night stand with, you see my technique was so simple it was flawless, I would always sneak out very early in the morning leaving the girl to sort herself out, that was just a self-contain I rented just for situations like this, some girls were stubborn and didn’t leave the first night, well I didn’t leave any food there anyways, and I always told my cleaner to lock the door when she was done cleaning up, that always sorted out the stubborn girls…

Anyway I ran to my real apartment to freshen up and get ready for work, it was a Friday morning and I still had to work, but we always resumed a little late, so I went to work and the day breezed through so fast, and then came 7-o’clock, my boys called me to hang-out and we went out chilling in a club, there and then I met a girl, her name was Lucy,…

She was pretty, fun and a jovial person and I really and genuinely liked her, we hit it off pretty quick and at the end of the night I tried getting her to my apartment but she refused, it was already kind of late and her place was closer so we went to hers instead, she was cool and we had dinner and I spent the night there….

The next morning I woke up with a running stomach, damn what did she put in the meal?

I looked around and saw I was alone on the bed, but that wasn’t even what got to me, what got to me was the fact that I was stark naked!!!! And my clothes were nowhere to be found….
I was trying to get myself together when it hit me with deep realization – I had been used, and she Left me here, this girl left me here I said in anger……….. I quickly went to look outside the window, the whole place looked deserted as I went back to think of a plan….

BINSH….. I screamed in anger…………she left me; she used my method on me!!!! Karma is really a Binsh..

I looked around and there were no supplies here either, just the way I arrange my house, just the bed and the sheets in the room, I was enraged, I was sure someone was paying me back for a time I wronged her, damn who could it be I thought to myself??? There were so many people on my list – my ex girlfriend, my ex- ex girlfriend, infact all my exes, my bosses daughter, and the list went on and on…

But at this moment I just needed to use the toilet, I looked round the toilet and dint find toilet papers, I was enraged, I kept on murmuring to myself as I picked a newspaper from the floor, as I was about going to use the toilet I had an idea—– I was goanna make her PAY…..

My stomach was rumbling quite loudly now, I had a large smirk on my face as I went to the kitchen pooed on the gas -cooker, I laughed as I cleaned up with the newspaper, I looked around and decided to take a shower, I showered and. felt refreshed, I used the sheets to clean-up my body, I was wondering how I was goanna leave the house without my clothes when my stomach started rumbling again, I looked around and still in the mood for vengeance I sat on the bed and started doing my business again— the poe was so watery and stinky, i couldn’t even handle the smell myself!! I was almost done when…………….

The door opens……………………………
And in she comes, holding my clothes neatly on a hanger, and holding a tissue, she was saying as she was coming in……….Sorry, the dry -cleaner took so long!!!!!