Alicia- Part Twoish

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alicia part oneish

Henry … hold on let me buy you another drink

Okay okay fine, lemme continue

Well i started trying to become the man i once was, it was a tedious endeavour but the thing is when you have an epiphany even if just once, you realize and begin to understand how stupid you were before then.

I finally played the game, she became my game. My first point of call was getting rid of everything Alicia, I rearranged my house, took out all those disgusting female deco that made the house ooze of her presence, moved all her shit to a spare room then called up one of my former girlfriends, we partied hard and one thing led to another..

That little chain of  events got me my esteem back to an extent, and from there things became a roller coaster ride, well obviously she noticed the changes…

Henry let me skip a bit, you know even the women who are players end up falling for a guy, well you just have to outplay the player

Henry – I see…. what happened next?

I made her leave the other dude obviously, i didn’t even want to know who the freak he was and before she knew what was up she was eating from my palms.. she genuinely fell for me, and i made her feel like she was the only woman in the world, I made her feel like perfection, the emotional connection we had was unbreakable, I treated her like the queen she deserved to be and at the same time I became her man, rather the Man

The egoistic man that could be mistaken for a misogynist who had taken over gave her a seductive smile as I knelt down to ask her to marry me, I could see the genuine joy in her eyes when she said yes…. I realized every one could change, revenge was pointless and I saw I really loved this woman just as much as she loved me.

We started preparations for the wedding, boy those things are tedious. Her family agreed to sponsor the wedding, from the food, to invitation of guests and so on, all I had to get for Alicia was a unique wedding gown because I never wanted her to forget our wedding for ever and ever, we planned everything to the tiniest bit.
It was going to be a remarkable union…

Well days went really fast, we hung out the night before our wedding and i just knew this was the woman I loved and I made sure she knew it ….

We parted ways because it was bad luck to see the bride in her dress on the day before she walks up the alter.

By 4am of the wedding day, of our wedding day, the egoistical man I was spoke to me saying it was time; it was time for us to get payback… I got up and took a few things, I needed a vacation anyway, I got my stuff ready and waited to be sure everybody had gathered at the wedding  venue, I reassured everyone I was on my way, then I got into my vehicle and drove to the airport for my long needed vacation..

Henry … wait wait? What happened to Alicia? How about your wedding?

Ha-ha …. Henry are you stupid? Men like me don’t get married, ever.  Why on earth would do you now think I would have gotten married to that manipulative psycho-biatch? It was all part of the plan son, and the money she and I saved aside was very helpful in my vacation….

Henry… wow mehn, you must have had a heart of steel… you seem a bit tipsy, common, let me drop you off at your crib, i will drive while you complete the story, what’s the address?

A secret you should learn is this; with women never use your heart. You are a nice lad you know? I won’t mind showing you the way, you can have as many women as you want if i teach you i said as we headed into the car.

Anyway, at a point i almost felt I could get married to her..

Henry – then why didn’t you?

Well i guess it was just an ego thing, anyway on the day of the wedding after I had left, i called her and told her i hoped she died in misery, and i have never seen her since then, and no i do not care, i have a new girlfriend now and i am very happy..

Henry – aren’t you worried about karma??? *as he parks in front of the house.

Ha-ha henry karma is for the feeble minded, i was her karma, she deserved what she got…he said trying to unfasten his seat belt.

Henry – oh did she by any chance mention her brother?

yeah she did, Moses i presume? Heard he was in jail for murder, stupid family if you ask me… Why? And how do you even know that?

Well says henry, his full name was Moses Baraka Henry, as he pulls out a 12inch stiletto, I just got out last year, and now I would like to complete your story you dumbass.

I was let out a few days before the wedding, she wanted to surprise you that’s why I wasn’t introduced, I was at the venue along with a bunch of other guests when you called my sister, after you dropped the call she collapsed on the alter, she was rushed to the hospital but the force from which she hit her head when she fell made her bleed internally, the doctors tried everything to save her but I guess she didn’t even have the will to live…she didn’t deserve to die, you could have just broken up with her, but no you had to go the extra mile.

I only decided to meet up with you to find out what happened from your end. But it seems you are just a sadistic human.

The man who let his sister die kept looking  at the stiletto as he struggled to unhook the seat belt, he looked like fear was something he had never really experienced, his  pride never let him get scared, he wanted to run, then he figured henry  must have planned it for a while, and just as he was about to start screaming his head off he hears his inner man say, just be a man, we’ve had a good run, we end this with pride. He looks at henry as he smiled in understanding at what he felt he had to do.

Henry looks at the man with a puzzled face, for once he understood what his sister meant by him being an extremely arrogant man, even with death staring at his face, he still stood strong and firm, with a gallant and cocky smile on his face, all pride and no fear like death was just another girl he had to conquer. . .

This made Henry mad, he decided his stupid smile was the first he was getting rid of, he shook his head as he dug the stiletto with precision into his mouth, the man  gagged and spewed out blood as henry  pulled out the stiletto and dug it again with precision, into his stone cold heart…

And even as he lived his final seconds the cockiness in his eyes was all henry could see..

Henry made an angry grunt as he opened the door, pressed a button underneath his seat that let go of the seatbelt and with his legs he pushed the lifeless body to the sidewalk where he felt the man belonged.. And even as he drove off , his rage refused to diminish because all he could see form his rear mirror was the body of a man who stood high and mighty even in death.

STAR-FIRE Episode 4

Okay finally completed this story,just 3 parts after this,concluding parts will come subsequently…… If u missed the previous episodes just click the links below

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For the next three days after the incident, Living with her became a little tedious, believe me I tried, she was a shadow of her former self, she spent majority of the day staring out the window without a care in the world, those green eyes I loved so much seemed dead, she even looked dead, she had stopped taking care of herself, looks didn’t just matter to her anymore, and the sight of her was starting to bother me.  I was woken up those nights by her screaming, she begun to have nasty nightmares, the nightmares were wrecking her, I tried my best, I suggested her seeing a doctor but she vehemently refused, I had the last straw when she woke up one night screaming hysterically….

I held her and said; pull your-self together babe, chill out; it was only a nightmare, I am here babe; I said
Leave me alone, she replied, let me go, I can’t live like this anymore, and she burst out in tears wailing and screaming, her voice echoed round the quiet compound…after I succeeded in calming her down she looked at me with tear filled eyes and said; you promised to protect me, and yet you failed, as she burst into more tears.

I gave her a little sedative as she drifted to sleep, I stayed awake and watched her twitch in her sleep, I stayed up pondering on what to do because the week was almost up and star-fire was going to come for her. He hadn’t failed to carry out a hit till now; running was out of the question because the last man who ran had his head blown off immediately he stepped into the airport…. I was confused and angry and so I decided to take a walk to blow off steam….

I was probably too consumed in my thoughts or I would have noticed the shadow beside me…. A burst of pain exploded on my head as I gasped out air, the shock and velocity of the attack left me a little dazed, I tried getting back up but a kick to my side made a painful scream leave my mouth… I held my sides in pain and groaned as I fell on a number of large stones on the floor

just then I heard a voice say; I told you we would get you, I knew the voice;  it was unmistakably one of the guys who attacked Natasha, I heard another voice say; Jake common bash his head in quickly…
Jake replied; relax, I want him to suffer a little, as he kicked me again….

I heard a third voice say; just make it quick will you.

My anger had vanished now, and the pain made my survival instinct step in, I had taken his boot in my side twice and I already had an idea of the intervals, he kicked me again as I counted in my head, to me these hits were nothing., I could take it, he hit me again and I knew  for certain how many seconds interval before the next kick came in, I opened my eyes a little and saw the ferociousness in his eyes as he raised his leg again trying to hit my face.. I shielded my face with my hands and grabbed his leg with my right hand, sill holding his leg in place, I quickly picked a large stone with my left hand, Jake struggled viciously to escape my grip, and with all the force I could muster I bashed his knee in with the stone as he cried out in pain…

Shit Jake, I heard a voice say as I heard footsteps and felt another burst of pain on my arm, I let out a little scream as I let go of his legs, then they descended on  me and kept bashing and kicking till I drifted off into darkness…

I opened my eyes a little while later and I noticed I was being dragged on the floor; I heard one of the voices say
Jake hurry up and he replied shut up Borg….. He burst up my freaking knee, Borg sneered and replied you were careless just hurry up and let’s dump him off. The third voice a bit deeper and scarier than the others said; you two shut up, and don’t attract any silly attention with your ranting.

Yes Blake, they replied simultaneously and that seemed to shut them up, as I was dragged in silence for about two minutes, I decided to save my strength and let them drag me.

I heard Blake say this spot is okay, Jake check if he is still unconscious, and Borg you start digging, we are going to bury this sucker alive, nobody will mess with us after this… alright Borg said and he started digging, I held my breath, closed my eyes and stayed motionless as I heard someone drag himself over to me and I think he waved his hands over my face, he is still out said Jake, good Blake replied, that makes our job easier, come over let me take a look at your leg, I listened as I heard him drag himself away from me..

I opened my eyes a little and had a good look at the men, the one who was called Blake seemed like the most obdurate and cold-blooded of the three, I studied him and noticed he looked like a pro wrestler, he had a thick scar between his eyes that made him seem more menacing, he looked like someone who could take sadistic delight in harming a man, I had to be weary of him.

I looked at Borg as he dug the pit, he too like Jake was just a young boy, he must have been the one hitting me, and I guessed the shovel was what he used, I needed that shovel if I was going to get out of this situation in one piece, Blake seemed to concentrate on fixing Jake’s leg, and the sound of the digging drowned the noise I made as I crawled towards Borg as he paused to clean off sweat off his brows…

I waited for him to continue digging and stood up silently… he was so consumed with his work and dint know when I got behind him, he had his back to me as he bent to dig some more, and with all the energy I could muster I smashed my elbow to the back of his head, he let out a light yelp as he dropped into the pit he was digging unconscious..

I picked the shovel as and put it beside me… Jake looked up and screamed at me; you Ass, he said and charged towards me half running and half limping, I guess he didn’t notice the shovel and neither did he listen when Blake said hold on you idiot…. I waited till he got a little close to me, I lifted the shovel and smashed it against his face, and that sent staggering back, I landed him a clean punch to the lips, he went down briskly as I brushed his blood off my knuckles with my shirt.

I looked at Blake and he stared at me, he dint even move from where he was seated, he just stared with viciousness in his eyes, I knew his type… during my days as a mercenary I met a lot of very tough guys but there was something about Blake, he had evil eyes, ears that had no fear, and the lack of fear made him quite a hellacious foe…

He took his time in getting up, and for once I saw the size difference, he said young children never listen huh? I kept my eyes on him, holding the shovel and taking a defensive stance.

He laughed at me as he asked; do you intend to take me out with that?? He walked towards me, and I could hear his shoes quacking due to the excessive bulk of a man they carried

I studied him, he was a very large man, and I knew I had speed to my advantage, or so I thought,  he got a few feet of me and I swung the shovel towards his face with all the strength I had, I definitely misjudged his speed as he ducked with a speed I thought was impossible for his size, his fist connected to my side as I dropped the shovel and with the same speed he landed  his fist to my jaw with tremendous force, I staggered back quite dazed, his power was beyond mine as I expected, well I wasn’t ready to die here I thought, my mind was calculating rapidly, extending the fight with this brute could be deadly, I faked him a haymaker and he shielded his face giving me a perfect opportunity to connect a  kick to his groin, he mustn’t have expected that cheap shot from me as his hands cupped his groin with a funny face, in a fight for survival I believed there was no shame in fighting dirty.

I quickly picked up the shovel and with all the strength I could muster and pasted it on his face, the blood from his nose created a very good painting on the shovel, if I wasn’t fighting to live I would have sold it for a good price. He staggered back and before he could recover from that I jumped up with the shovel and bashed the top of his head, he went down on his knees and said a few words I dint understand before he drifted into unconsciousness, the noise he made when dropped to the floor  was like that of a crumbling building….

I was about leaving when I noticed Jake was getting back into consciousness, He said as he groaned, you ass, as he spat out some blood;  star- fire  is going to come for you, and I swear I am not going to miss it… I stopped in my tracks and went back to him, you sent the assassin?? Ha-ha, no I didn’t you idiot, but I know who did, you and that silly girl messed with a lot of people, he has been paid to make you suffer , and he is going to make you suffer, this is just a bonus, I picked him up in anger and asked;  how am i going to call of the hit and his reply made me flinch;

he is not going to stop till you are both dead, he is never going to stop even if we want him to.. Once a hit is called, he never stops till he gets results…I knew he couldn’t tell me any more at the moment so I dragged him closer and said to him; if I do survive what is coming, you had better run, I said; run very, very far, because I am going to come for you, and you are going to talk..
I released him and walked forward a little, I turned quickly and swiftly landed a haymaker to his jaw, he dint expect it so his knockout couldn’t be avoided, I winced in pain as I felt pain from the bashing I received earlier, my shirt was soaked in my blood and dirt, but that didn’t bother me, I thought to myself, he was coming, for her, nope he was coming for both of us, and I knew we didn’t stand a fighting chance, our survival was basically one in a million……we were screwed….

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STAR-FIRE- Episode 3

Happy Ed-el-Fitr to all my muslim peeps, Hope u all are having a GR8 celebration-thank you guyz so much for the break, i guess we all needed it….
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So continuation of my story and-

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N d continuation below-

We went everywhere together and I got to know that beneath her solid exterior, she was just as loving as any other REASONABLE girl, she was humble, she gave me my respect, she was loving and yes she was naive and on the plus side she stayed celibate.

I tried so many times to get her to kiss me but each time she told me to be patient and let’s wait for the right time, she wanted it to be romantic, and that she wasn’t ready yet and with love in my eyes and my heart I always said I Will wait, and I did wait patiently because I believed she was worth it, she was definitely worth waiting for.

I got used to staying with her very quickly, we did everything together and before I realized it, everything I hated about her turned to things I couldn’t do without….. especially the smell of strawberry

We actually moved in together pretty fast, and nothing still changed in the sex life, well for love I could deal with it, I could deal with anything, I was unstoppable. Friday night was my personal day, I liked going to a pub outside town to clear out my head, have a few drinks and meditate. She didn’t drink so for a while I stopped going, but this particular Friday, she said I should go, so I would not give up on my personal life totally because of her, after much cajoling and a peck to the cheek, I left the house feeling super fly. this day was pretty fun, I was having fun drinking and playing pool when suddenly my phone rang- I saw the caller id it was her, she knew where I was, she was not supposed to bug me, she was the one who made me come, I felt it was something urgent, so I picked and she said; Its time, I am ready! And SHE hung up.

I dint get it at first, it took me about 2mins to comprehend what she just said, when I realized, I flung my drink and picked up my suit, I ran towards my car and flung the door open, I put in the key and started it but it refused coming on!!! I punched the steering in anger as I left the vehicle, I slammed the door and I heard something fall, I felt I had broken something in my car so I dint look back, it was a silly car anyway, as I walked away from there I thought to myself……So bad luck was real? Anyway that was not gonna stop me….
I started running without thinking, people must have thought I was mad, if they even knew I was running like that for a kiss and make-out if I was lucky, they probably would have tied me up. I kept running, I dint bother taking a cab I just kept running, I waited so long for this moment and it was finally time, I just kept going till I saw an empty cab, I hoped in and screamed my destination, I promised an extra 200 if he went fast, I got home and paid him, when I got home the door was wide open, I looked up and saw a toy star, I thought it was strange but I felt it was a romantic thing she planned I jogged upstairs with my heart racing when I realized something, I paused and looked around; WT Flip? The house was in turmoil, everything was upside down and then I saw it; another star and a blood stain. Sheeez! I didn’t think much of the stars, but the blood was what got to me.

I was scared and was anxious and also praying for it not to be what I thought it was, I ran towards the room and i saw more blood, my bed was in the wrong place, how did it get there anyway? I traced the blood to a corner in the room, then I saw her laying on the floor, she wasn’t moving, my heart sank, I was scared, and with a skipping heart and shaking hands, I slowly walked towards her, she still wasn’t moving, I nudged he a little, then she moved, o my goodness I was glad! She looked up at me with shame and tears her eyes and blood on a deep cut on her face, she said; where were u? I called, you dint answer, you dint pick my calls, I screamed your name you were nowhere to be found, you said you would protect me she said ad- midst sobs, she said all this and gave me a star, I dint understand, what was with all the blood?And these freaking stars? I then studied her closely then my heart sank with sudden realization; she had been DEFILED-

I loved her more than my heart could bear and som1 defiled her, she was my motivation, her happiness made me powerful , I swore to protect her and someone had defiled her without empathy and with so much hatred, he defiled her and even disfigured her, and still had the bravery to place stars in my house!, the woman I loved so much was in tears, I couldn’t bear to see her cry, it caused me so much pain, my heart was in turmoil, I wasn’t there when she needed me most , I was out having fun while the woman I loved was in duress, my mind raced I kept wondering who in the city had the effrontery to defile the woman I loved, was he not scared? Was it one of my enemies? Was it one of the enemies we made in town? Had my past finally caught up to me? Why dint I sense it? Are we not supposed to have a connection with those we love? Were we not supposed to know if something bad was happening to them? All these were the thoughts racing through my mind. Someone was definitely going to pay dearly, I looked at her with bloodshot eyes filled with pain and I said – WHO- she looked at me with shame and a puzzled face, like I was supposed to know already and said; Star-fire!, Without taking my eyes off her and without skipping a beat I said in a voice so quietly low and sinister that it could send a shiver down the spine of the bravest men “I Swear I am goanna kill him” and for the first time since I met her, I saw fear in her eyes, fear in those eyes I loved so much, I thought it was because of what happened to her, but my heart crumbled IN realization because she was scared of something else! Scared of someone else-

Scared of ME……

Yeap- will definitely continue Later-

STAR-FIRE- Episode 1

Well since i have some extremely lazy peps except @tp_owo who isnt- anyway i am dividing this story into episodes- just read and COMMENT-COMMENT-COMMENT, so i will know what’s up-

So my name is Rauf-Merca, I left my home town because I wanted a change of scenery and lifestyle, and I was trying to get over some issues. I moved to a small town and there for the first time in my life, I had fallen in love. Her name was Natasha,

Natasha was everything I hated in a woman, she wasn’t too tall and I hated everything about short women, women who had to raise their heads to look me in the eye, no doubt she did have a beautiful figure that every man would go crazy for, she had long black hair getting to her shoulders, her lips were full and looked so soft, her eyes were so innocent and naive, her mother was Indian and I presume she got her looks from her and if it were in the old days she would have been called a witch because her beauty was divine.

But I never met her personally, I only knew her from a distance and I was very quick to analyze and judge her; she was a trouble maker, the kind of girl who ran her mouth any opportunity she had, she took no crap from anybody and was even willing to fight things out the old way if it was needed, she was stubborn, annoying, but amazingly pretty, I guess that was her saving grace. She had messed up a lot of guys who came trynna woo her and apparently that made her single. A few days after my arrival I heard stories from guys who tried wooing her, I was told she was bad news and apparently I didn’t fancy her one bit, I detested her-, she was out of control and she was every man’s nightmare after the killer star-fire; star-fire was an assassin the country was weary of, he earned the name star-fire because before he killed anybody, he normally gave the person a star one week in advance and he never failed to carry out his mission even thou he gave fair warning. Yea Natasha was that scary, after star-fire was Natasha, star-fire used stars and weapons and Natasha used words. But all that was about to change;

You see I happen to be the kind of guy who gets women, I have had my fill of women and I was tired, I never even knew there was a feeling called love. I look a little intimidating because in my former line of business required me keeping shape but more of that later. I happen to be 6ft tall, with very broad solders with blue sparkling eyes, I am also a little hairy and I let my hair go all out, and yeah believe me when I say it, I am sexy. So after going through my routing this wonderful morning, I started walking towards the bank with my usual intimidating walk step and pride, my pen fell and when I bent down to pick it, someone bumped into me from the side, I lost my balance immediately and before I realized it I was on the floor. I could hear laughter all around because for a big guy I fell rather shamelessly, with anger I turned towards the person; it was a girl, not just any girl, it was that horrible Natasha, she just stood there without remorse, looking at me with those eyes, those green cat-like eyes, we both stared, I was angry but I could not speak, I was sitting on the floor so I could get a very good view of her, I saw her clearly for the first time; she was pretty and she had a smirk on her face, her face was round and petite, but those eyes got to me, those innocent naive and yet troublesome eyes, they touched and stirred something deep within me, something I hadn’t felt before, something I thought wasn’t there, my heart was beating and my hands were shaking; am I falling ill? I asked myself, I am supposed to be angry, but I couldn’t say anything, I just kept looking into those eyes, after what seemed like eternity she spoke; aren’t you gonna apologize? Or are u dumb as well as plain stupid? she said with that smirk on her face, I just stared, people were laughing but I just stared, she hissed and stomped off, I sat there for a minute trynna understand WT Flip just happened, I looked back and I could see her figure as she stomped off, o my goodness was she gifted, then I realized where I was and got up angrily, to continue my day’s business, screw the rude brat I said to myself-; you are bigger than her, I thought that was it, I thought it was over- oh my was I wrong.

When I got home that night I took a shower, but I wasn’t just settled, I swear I was falling ill, or so I thought. I took some painkillers and went to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep, all I could see were those eyes, I laughed at myself as I got up, this is stupidity, I said to myself, what’s happening to me I thought, is she a witch? Have I been poisoned? What nonsense is this? I aint no wuss, I laughed and tried sleeping again but I just kept seeing her, with that smirk on her face, those lips, and those eyes, then I heard something beeping rather loudly, it was increasing it kept beeping –beep, beep, beep, beep. At that moment, I jumped up sweating profusely, it was my alarm, I slammed the freakin thing to pieces with all the energy I could muster, my heart was still beating from the rage and I realized something, this was the feeling all my friends had before they started chasing a particular girl stupidly, this was what they explained to me that I warded off laughing, this was the same feeling that made wise boys I know stupid, this was the feeling that made grown men with swag loose appetite for days, then I knew what was wrong and I said to myself; shit I am SPRUNG, and I am SCREWED.

I got up and analyzed my situation, I had two options, either I kept dreaming about this girl or I go speak to her, of course I chose the latter, I washed up and left my house, I was lost in my thoughts, how was I even goanna approach this horrible girl, she could embarrass guys with the best swag, well I decided I wasn’t gonna be faced by her, I went to her house and before I could stop myself I knocked rather hard, I wanted to turn back after knocking, I was practically scared, I started sweating and before I could leave the door opened up. She came out in a pink dress that made her curves and figure so obvious, I DINT even realize I was still staring at her till she said; WT Flip are you looking at???? And why were you knocking like that? Were you trynna break my door? I just stood there dumbfounded, the stupid feeling again, I couldn’t talk and my hands were shaking, then she looked at me with those eyes, those heart piercing eyes, and she seemed to recognize me. She said; oh it’s the dumb and plain stupid fella, if you have nothing to say, leave my pouch, and she slammed the door at my face.
I was raged, WT Flip was happening to me, she was human and annoying, where is my voice always going? I left there angrily and went home, planning on how I was gonna make myself talk next time.
Well since I wrecked my alarm the day before, I woke up kina late the next day, I was woken by the same dream and I decided to take another shot at her, I was thinking of how to make myself say what I wanted to say to her, I decided to go through a route she normally hung out, obviously there she was arguing with some angry looking boys, three in number, for the first time I studied her, I was amazed, was she not scared? It was rather amusing till one of the boys gave her a dirty slap that sounded like a thunder clap, she shrieked so loud, as she fell to the floor! Her cry was so loud it pierced the air AND it pierced my soul……

He kicked her and was about to kick her again and before I realized what was happening I was there, with a speed I myself could not comprehend, I looked at her and a tear dropped from those eyes, I was pissed!!!! With rage in my eyes and with a very low and sinister voice I told them “stop before I do something rash”………. To be continued when i feel like-